Educational App Criteria Checklist

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Educational App Criteria Checklist

Apps that have a wide range of productivity and versatility are the only apps that should be present on a mobile device used by students.  In a perfect world, all educational apps should have the following criteria:

  • Multifacetedscaffolding and differentiation should be provided within the app and incorporate several levels of learning
  • Promote Critical Thinking- 21st Century skills such as collaboration, innovation, communication, and self-assessment need to be addressed
  • Promote Problem Based Learning- too much skill and drill will deter students from much-needed exposure to problem-solving skills
  • Provide Feedback/Assessment-  subtle feedback to the learner and to the teacher is necessary
  • Data Collection- student’s work and on-going progress needs to be documented and easily retrieved
  • Engaging/Student Motivation- learning activities must be FUN, apps that motivate will continually be replayed
  • Age Appropriate- MAJOR issue, qualities that are appropriate for the age level of the students who will potentially be accessing the app are imperative
  • Reliable- apps need to be free from bugs and crashing
  • Field Tested- developers MUST test apps with students and teachers
  • Intuitive- apps should be so user-friendly that it is completely intuitive for the user
  • Instructions- should be included and be child-friendly, if an app is designed for an emerging reader, the instructions should be provided in a format that an emerging reader can access
  • Ability to Share- sharing work with other devices, desktop, email, and social networking sites
  • Tied to Learning Targets/Standards – The app must be relevant to what all students are learning and be tied to a learning target or standard




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