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FORDHAM FEATURED IMAThomas B. Fordham Institute, a D.C. based think tank that focuses on education policy and promoting educational excellence for every child has some tips for educational best practices along with recommendations of K–12 ELA/literacy instructional tools. One recent survey found that a whopping 90 percent of districts reported having major or minor problems identifying high-quality, well-aligned resources. A second study found that the majority of textbooks had substantial alignment problems. In response to these reports, several entities such as EdReports, the Louisiana Department of Education, and the California Curriculum Collaborative have begun providing educators with impartial reviews of core instructional and curricular materials. Yet next to no information exists on the quality and content of resources intended to supplement a full curriculum. Educators reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of nine K–12 ELA/literacy instructional tools:
  • Achieve the Core’s “Text Sets”
  • Curriculet
  • iCivics Drafting Board
  • Lexia Reading Core5
  • Newsela
  • Quill
  • ReadWorks
  • ThinkCERCA
  • WriteLike
FORDHAMThe Right Tool for the Job fills that void by providing in-depth reviews of several promising digital learning tools. We focused the series on English language arts (ELA) resources, as educators stress that those are particularly difficult to come by, especially writing tools. READ THE FULL REPORT HERE   6611fc6e0b38132e007b4449d572fae9
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