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NEWteacherwithappsEducreations Interactive Whiteboard, by Educreations, Inc, is incredible, yes that's right, INCREDIBLE app. This newly released app comes with the huge bonus of being FREE! We think this app has the edge needed to push education in the right direction and to begin modernizing teaching as we know it. Educreations is not the first app using the whiteboard concept, but it is the first one geared specifically for the classroom.  Educreations wants to give teachers the opportunity to create what Sal Khan has been doing for years (read our review of Khan Academy). Developers, Wade Roberts and Chris Streeter, knew when designing this app, that it would need to have simple features and be user-friendly. Their software turns any iPad or web browser into a recordable, interactive whiteboard, making it easy for teachers and experts to create engaging video lessons and share them on the web. Students can replay these lessons anytime, any place, on any connected device. Our initial reaction when experimenting with this app was to picture the potential of a tool of this magnitude in the hands of students. Talk about engagement...

Educreations Inc had the wherewithal to realize the need to add the option to use multiple pages for the same lesson; this is another feature that makes this app a standout. You can easily add photos from your camera, iPhoto Library, or from a Dropbox account.  The additional features that are included in this app are truly well thought out, and again - easy to use. When you are feeling brave, you can try move, tap, drag, and resize images while you’re recording to simulate animation. Your finished lessons are hosted on, where you have the option to share privately or publicly. You can also email, twitter, or share your lesson on Facebook. This revised Bloom's Taxonomy pyramid shows classification of levels of intellectual behavior that is important in the learning process. As you can see creating is at the top, so educators if you want to see if a student has mastered a concept, let them create a lesson to share with others. We spoke with one of the developers, Wade Roberts, and asked him what was the inspiration behind making this app. Wade explained, "We want to create the best place to teach and learn on the web, by making it quick and simple for teachers to record and share short tutorials with students. As more teachers use our app to share their knowledge, the overall quality of the lessons will continually improve as data helps us identify which lessons are most effective. Just as Netflix and Amazon are able to recommend movies and products you will like, our goal is to be able to recommend the lessons that will be most helpful to each student." It is obvious that the developers in this new start-up company spent much time and consideration while incorporating user-friendly features into this app. The educreations app could realistically be used in any classroom, by any teacher. In return, teachers can have their students show what they know and teach others through this new app. All in all, this app has terrific potential, especially when it comes to the sharing content. LOVE their motto:  
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