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EduGuru Maths by EduGuru is a compilation of  open-ended fun mathematical activities targeting children aged three to seven designed by the distinguished UK company, The Game Creators. The activities begin with counting and one-to-one correspondence and progress to time and money (UK/English coins only).  It is rare that one app meets the needs of such a wide range of children. If you have multiple children in this age range or a classroom made up of children with a range of abilities, this is a great app to add to your device arsenal. Additionally, EduGuru has configured the app to accommodate multiple accounts, allowing students to share devices but not progress. In my opinion, the activities in EduGuru Maths focus on review and skill mastery.  Their purpose is to solidify understanding rather than introduce and teach new concepts. As a result, this app is best utilized for skills that have already been taught. EduGuru Maths includes several themed learning areas such as Cosmic Counting, Meadow Maths, Space Solver, Money Pig, Captain Clock, Shape Up and Fishing Fun). Within each area, users will find multiple levels that increase in difficulty.
  1. One-to-one correspondence, Number Recognition (1-20), and Basic Addition and Subtraction – These adorable activities require students to count and move farm animals from place to place on the farm. Younger students will enjoy interacting with the animals.
  2. Positional Words, Height, Weight, and Distance Concepts and Vocabulary – This is by far my favorite section of this app. As an early childhood educator, I can speak to the difficulty these concepts and vocabulary pose to our littlest students. Apps that effectively and appropriately work within the realm of this concept are rare. The activities in this section are straightforward while requiring the children to listen carefully to the directions.
  3. Shapes, colors, and patterns –Children must identify shapes, colors, and complete patterns. These activities focus on developing automaticity. As the levels progress, students must identify both a shape and a color simultaneously and the patterns become more challenging to complete.
  4. Time (hour and minute hand, telling time to the nearest hour) – Differentiating between the hour and minute hand can be a tedious skill. It is deceptive and is easily confused. The only way to get this information burned into memory is repetitive, meaningful practice. Math Guru does a fantastic job of making repetition both fun and meaningful.
  5. Doubles and Halves – The activities for doubles and halves are a great way to review these challenging skills and vocabulary.  Children must count rocket ships and aliens on the left side of the screen.  A variety of quantities roll through the screen on the left.  Users must tap the screen when the quantity that matches the given instructions appears.  There is one point that I hope app developers address.  Younger students often need the act of physically touching objects in order to obtain a concrete number.  However, in EduGuru's Maths, a screen touch signals a correct answer is shown. Therefore, if students attempt to count the objects by touching them, they are telling the app the quantities shown are correct, when in fact, they may not be.
  6. British Money – This section of the app works to help students identify names and values of coins.  It is important to note, that EduGuru is an established company in England. As a result, the activities are currently centered around the British pound system.  However,  United States currency as well currencies from other countries will be added as a free upgrade in the near future.  
images-1EduGuru Maths has not overlooked student motivation.  As children progress through each topic, they earn stars. As stars are accumulated, students are awarded bronze, silver, and gold medals. Then, once all the medals of a particular type are earned, children receive trophies. My own children loved earning these digital awards and would replay levels in order to earn enough stars to receive the highest medal and/or trophy. EduGuru Maths is a complete app that covers a wide range of mathematical developmental milestones.  It is fun, engaging and educational--the ultimate combination!      
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