Elliot Foxley by Stavros Yiannoukas ~ BRILLIANT Storybook App

175x175bb-1NEWteacherwithapps-768x753Elliot Foxley by Stavros Yiannoukas is a BRILLIANT and a refreshing addition to the app storybook category! While the story is stellar so are the adorable illustrations by Sarah Gleeson, and did we mention the storyline's message? This charming chapter book has been designed to be shared with children of all ages and will have all laughing, crying, and leaving everyone with the best news of all, home is where the heart is! We shared this book with a primary school librarian and she hung on every word, her quote, "I would recommend this book to be read with all children, especially those in grades 2 - 4, it reinforces that everyone has something to offer and you need to keep going to find what is right for you. The longer you keep at it, and the harder it is - all the more rewarding in the end... Elliot Foxley has a profound message, riveting execution, and a is real keeper - all libraries need to have this storybook on hand!" We at Teachers With Apps couldn't agree more, this is one app that needs to be on all children's tablets, it will be returned to again and again. Do not let the price deter you from downloading this app, quality is always worth it! It is certainly obvious while reading Elliot Foxley that blood, sweat, and tears were given in great quantities in order to reach near perfection! Attention to social and emotional wellness has never been more prevalent than it is today. Elliot Foxley is the perfect way to introduce, reinforce, and promote the importance of attending to one's feelings. The jaunty rhymes not only help beginning readers but keep the book fast paced and the characters are just irresistible! We don't want to give too much of the tale away, so hurry and get your copy NOW, you will not be disappointed. ef_speech_bubble   ELLIOT FOXLEY is a classic coming-of- age story, and while the original music and charming voice-over bring the story to life, it is the beautiful, handcrafted water-colour illustrations that will transport your children back to the stories of your childhood. Stavros Yiannoukas is a voice actor, ARIA nominated singer (Bluejuice) and former Triple J radio host. He started writing ELLIOT FOXLEY in July 2009 when his nephew, Elliot was born and the passing of his father occurred. Stavros was determined that something positive would come from his family’s loss. The gorgeous illustrations of ELLIOT FOXLEY were created by Sarah Gleeson from Australia. Sarah is a dedicated artist involved in many creative projects both internationally as well as locally. Much of her work centers around human rights and positive change. Fiona Stuart did much of the endearing narration in ELLIOT FOXLEY, she is an experienced voice actor having worked on well-known cartoons and audio books as well video games, television, and advertising. She is also married to the author Stavros. EFchapter6home  
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