Enrich Learning with Skoolbo’s Learnathon!

It is well known that teachers spend many hours (and often a considerable amount of their own money) planning engaging and exciting learning experiences for their students. Well here is some very good news for teachers and their students. Game-based learning company, Skoolbo has teamed up with some of the top educational resource providers to help bring added sparkle to lessons and save valuable time on planning. partners-1
  • Brilliant Lessons: fantastic ready-made lesson plans and teaching printables
  • National Geographic Kids: exciting resources tto inspire and inform all the explorers, archaeologists, scientists, artists and astronauts of the future!
  • First News: ready-made activities based on big news stories from around the world
  • Jason Learning: added brilliance for your STEM curriculum
  • Minecraft Education: resources to promote creativity,  collaboration and problem-solving
  • BBC micro:bit: activities for the digital age to get children exploring coding
Skoolbo has come up with a simple but ingenious way of helping children secure crucial foundational skills in math, literacy, and languages while raising funds for teachers to spend on amazing resources. banner b Learnathon challenges children to answer 1,000 math, literacy and language questions. Family and friends pledge their support and 100% of funds raised are returned to the teacher as a credit to spend on exciting educational resources. Lessons will never be the same again! children c Skoolbo is completely free for teachers, children, and parents. It works on any device, anywhere - in school, at home, in the car, in the backyard… Register free today! register
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