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Picture1 Guest Post by A Star Teachers For many teachers, a smartphone in a student’s hand is an annoyance. Snapchatting, texting, Facebooking, Whastapping – they could be doing anything and everything. Anything and everything, that is, apart from concentrating on the lesson you’re trying to teach. But tablets and smartphones can bring a number of advantages, too. They can help engage students, open new doors for learning, and make your job, as a teacher, a whole lot easier. To help you make the most out of today’s tech, A Star Teachers, have rounded up the best apps out there for those of you in, or looking to join, the teaching profession.   Let’s jump in.

Google Classroom

If you work in a school that already uses G Suite for education, the Google Classroom app will undoubtedly already be known to you. It’s a paperless way for you to distribute homework & assignments, organise class materials using Google Drive, and contact students more directly. The app is free and available for both IOS and Android  


    Teachers are always trying to cook up ways to make their teaching material more fun and engaging, and what’s more engaging than a game? Kahoot’s slogan is ‘make learning awesome’. The app makes it easy to turn your material into a game from scratch, without needing any technical knowledge. All you need to do is input your prepared questions & answers and the site will do the rest. Then, open your game in a browser, and you have a quiz your students can tap into, using their smartphone as an answer buzzer. The app is completely free on both IOS and Android  


  Every day we scroll past relevant articles, analysis, and comment pieces on teaching that we just don’t have time to read. Never mind all the latest info and articles on subjects you’re teaching. Pocket means that you’ll never forget to read that article or check out the latest data. Using the extension in Chrome or the app on your phone, you can save articles to read later or to show to your class. The app is free on both IOS and Android  


    Want to create flash cards, study guides, and quizzes for your students? StudyBlue lets you build them with ease, with the added availability of recording audio and video. Students can use the app to make their very own flashcards, too. The paid option offers up more study material for your students. You can get the app on IOS and Android  

Oxford Dictionary of English

    No classroom is complete without a dictionary. They lie there, untouched for most of the year, but acting as a saviour when an uncommon word occurs in an educational text, and your A-Grade student peers up at you asking: ‘what does that mean?’ The app is really easy to use and is free on IOS and Android  


    If you’re looking for a great note taking app to help you organise lesson plans, capture relevant articles, and organise everything easily Evernote is the app for you. It’s one of the most detailed note based apps out there and lets you add tags, create folders, and use it on desktop, your tablet, and your phone. There’s a freemium version which is detailed enough for most of your needs. You can download the app on both IOS and Android  


    If you’re a language teacher there’s no better companion than Duolingo. The app is completely free and takes you through the basics of an incredible amount of languages. As you get better, the difficulty is upped, offering rewards for each stage you get correct. You can get the app on both IOS and Android   


    Dubbed as ‘the safest and easiest way for educators to connect with students, parents, and each other’ Edmodo offers a safe and easy way to communicate and collaborate. Its users can access homework, grades, school notices, and share reminders, all within the app. It’s completely free, too and can be downloaded on IOS and Android  

Draw and Tell

    Help your students get creative with the Draw and Tell app. Designed to help creative confidence, your pupils can use the app to draw, and then tell a story. They can record audio within the app too, to accompany their works of art. Get the app on IOS  

Teacher Aid Pro

imgres                 This paid app helps you track student attendance and info. You can input parent information, too, so when you click on a student’s name, all the data you’ll want as a teacher is provided. There’s also a ‘grade book’ baked in, allowing you to track progress and consistent student results. The app is available on Android and iOS  

Explain Everything

    This app creates a ‘collaborative & interactive whiteboard’ taking the traditional, front-of-class tool, and making it digital. This digitization allows student and teacher to work and create together, giving teaching a whole new dimension. The app can be purchased on IOS and on Android   

Teacher’s Assistant Pro: 

Classroom Management Notes

    Keeping organised in class isn’t always straightforward. You have everything from grades to attendance to worry about for each and every student you cover. This app helps you stay on top of behavioural records and allows you to quickly open the app and notate good or bad behaviour, noting specific incidents within. This app is available on IOS  

The Elements: 

A Visual Exploration 

    For anyone teaching chemistry, this app is a must. The app shows and explains the periodic table and is crammed full of videos, 3D visuals, and over 500 rotatable objects. It’s the best way to bring the periodic table to life and engage students like never before. The app is one of our more expensive on the list, but well worth the money. You can download it on IOS  


    This is another powerful place to track students’ grades. The app has a tonne of other useful features built in, including creating seating plans, attaching contact info to specific students, and tracking attendance. You can pick the app up on IOS   

Math Helper 

As the name suggests, this app helps your students solve mathematical problems, and shows the step by step solution. It’s ideal for a higher level maths, covering linear algebra, derivative and probability theory, and more. You can get the app on IOS and Android      

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    This is a great way to motivate teachers and contribute towards education. I have used Edmodo. It is best when it comes to socializing within the teachers. I would like to suggest MobiLock Pro. It is a very helpful app for managing students devices remotely and at ease. This was a great experience for when I used it to lockdown the devices that my class kids are provided.