Every1Plays releases Land of The Magic Stones

A high quality, nonviolent RPG game for children 3 to 6.

T_ystLhV9MQSo3tFIVIbRXFD-cqIitYlAvI-qGwoOp_c-k-2Ok2acFW2yNj7Jrc2CV4=w57Every1Plays announced today the release of Land of The Magic Stones, a high quality, nonviolent RPG play and learn game for children 3 to 6 years of age. The game available on the AppStore, Google play and Amazon.com starting today is fully compatible with most iOS and Android tablets and smart phones. The game is a play a learn adventure where children become the character of a magical sorcerer that seeks to restore the Kingdom of the Magic Stones while gaining the trust of an enchanted Dragon. “Contrary to some other children games for tablets and smart phones, our game has high quality graphics, fully integrated sound and voices in French and English in order to limit parental intervention and lets children proceed autonomously through the game,” said Remi Hachoud, CTO of Every1Plays. The sorcerer apprentices will learn, develop motor skills and creativity as he/she seeks to restore and save the Kingdom of the Magic Stones. The friendly adventure features 18 different settings of increasing difficulty where each new world is designed to stimulate a specific development skill. The adventure provides children with rewards of generous treasures and bonding with characters within the game while challenging their logic, motor and mathematical skills. The Land of the Magic Stones has several hours of interactive game play featuring diverse activities such as quizzes, puzzles, arcade games and songs. It also has over 400 animations and an integrated audio book. The game was developed and tested in cooperation with child development and behavioural professionals. Parents can also register at www.landofthemagicstones.com to receive bonus materials for their children such as songs, wallpaper, crafts and other activities. -30-

About Every1Plays

Every1Plays is a mobile game company specialized in multi-platform porting. Using the latest available technology and efficient production processes, Every1Plays helps video game publishers breathe new life into their existing game library by porting them to new devices and ensures the integrity of the original game play is maintained and well designed for most of the leading tablets and smart phones on the market.

Additional information:

Andre D’Avignon, Marketing Director 514.894.6933 or adavignon@every1plays.com
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