Faces iMake – ABC

  mzl.saidrygv.175x175-75Faces iMake - ABC, by iMagine Machine and Hanoch Piven, is the quintessential multi-sensory app for preschoolers. This app is from the same creative developers behind Faces iMake focusing on Right-Brain-Creativity. Using imaginative play and everyday objects in conjunction with the alphabet, this app is a great vehicle for kids to relax, unwind, have some fun, and use their imaginations. Most importantly, the learning happens seamlessly as they play and explore. The added bonus is the alphabet theme, which is the foundation for beginning reading. Face iMake ABC is a part book, part game, part puzzle and will keep the younger set focused and engaged while being exposed to fundamental learning concepts. The soothing narrator gives kids just enough encouragement without going overboard. The melodious tune of the ABC song gives kids another way of reinforcing and remembering the alphabet. photo-1A sliding letter box at the bottom of the screen allows kids to choose letters in any order.  The photoletter pops on the screen and the letter name is given. Then they are instructed to touch the letter which brings up a collage type representation of an object that has the same initial sound as the letter. This is when the real fun begins, simple animation brings the letter to life and just as quickly the collage pieces disappear and reappear on the bottom of the screen. The child is then asked to put it back together or rebuild it. This app taps into the tactile, kinesthetic modalities and puts an emphasis on spatial relations, as the child is required to remake the object after the pieces have been removed. An effective means to reach all learners is modality-based instruction. This consists of organizing around the different modalities to accommodate the needs of all learners.  Learning modalities are the sensory channels through which individuals give, receive, and store information, perception, memory, and sensation comprise the concept of modality. Hanoch Piven says, "Children can see everyday objects in a new light, transforming them and using their forms to create new images. Through this process, children can become aware of visual metaphors and help them to look at an everyday object in a new way." As teachers, we would like to see the developer add the letter sounds. This addition would take this terrific app and make it tremendous! An app that we could see being part of every preschool curriculum because it incorporates so many different learning modalities. Also, a few objects may need to be reworked, the sounds associated with a few letters need a clearer sound correspondence for the kids. We have spoken with the developer and are excited to hear they are in the process of putting together a game which involves matching assorted objects to the correct letter sound. The estimated release date is sometime this spring. facesimakeabctwa  
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