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NEWteacherwithappsFaces iMake - Right Brain Creativity, by iMagine machine, is a modern day take on the beloved and all time classic - Mr. Potato Head - our generation's mainstay toy for creative play! This app is a great way for kids to relax, unwind, have some fun, and most importantly use their imagination! Faces iMake - Right Brain Creativity stays true to its name.. it truly is a perfect way to develop right brain creative capabilities and us lefties know just how important that is. There are literally endless possibilities with all the options provided and each child will have their own take on what to make, using over 200 everyday objects. We worked with a cross-section of students over time and were amazed at the scope of creativity displayed by each and every one. By using the touchscreen and a set of very intuitive tools these objects can be manipulated by size, rotation, color, and made into faces, landscapes, patterns, etc. Also, in addition to the built-in images, you can upload pics from your iPhoto library, or include images using the camera on an iPad 2. Of course, you can share too:  save to an album, print, email, Facebook it to a friend, or even order a 20 piece puzzle to be shipped to you for a price. A few students didn't have a long attention span for playing with this app (possibly too left brain oriented) and preferred to play a familiar math app when giving the choice. For others, it was heaven on earth....   Faces iMake is the 21st-century version of the ultimate digital collage.

Joel's Math

The students we worked with produced incredible masterpieces beyond our creative dreams. They had a limited time session and worked either individually or with a partner. They were encouraged to work on the same piece the entire time, making it the best it could be. The all time favorite was done by a young boy who struggles with math, he designed this simple math computation using magnetic numbers and the chalkboard and added a perplexed student onlooker. Who knew that was even an option? The pure artistic expression here! That's what makes this app so spectacular in the hands of a child, of any age. You just never know what the outcome will be. With so many options to create, this tool has the potential to make something a budding artist could put in their portfolio. We spoke with the developer, Eyal Dessou Tzafrir, and he gave us some background about his experience creating this app and the updating process that has been going on for the last six months. He also sent us the teacher below left!

Eyal's Rendition of a TEACHER

Eyal: "I’m so glad that I met Hanoch Piven, the artist, and got exposed to such an incredible world that is all around us all the time. But with Hanoch’s unique way of thinking and looking at the world, I’m able to see that there is another world out there. A whole new mind is being used while playing with Faces iMake." "Being a man, it’s hard to imagine delivering a baby, and maybe the comparison is not so suitable because it is after all only an app. But is it? What does it mean, Faces iMake? What does it mean, an open ended game? Why not put it into a known structure? Why give the opportunity of making everything from everything and not limit it to what we know – here is a mouth, there is an eye etc. Because we wanted to show that in life there are always opportunities and choices. Being a dad to 2 girls (9 & 5) brings a lot of opportunities in discovering many roads in their education, being, possibilities in the world and so much more and an app can be one of the tools to achieve that. My girls go to a democratic school, which is sort of a progressive school. We look at our parenthood as a road that we take together with our kids. One of the roads in this amazing “job” of being a parent is to show them that in life there is always a possibility of a different solution than what we know. A whole new world can be seen by looking at a problem as a challenge and not as a block or a showstopper. They always have the choice and they're always responsible for their choices. This is Faces iMake in a nutshell. It’s about developing your right side of the brain. My eldest Lia can see things in a very specific way because she already has her opinions, judgments, how things should be or shouldn't. My youngest Emma still sees all the possibilities with no judgment and no plan. Playing Faces iMake on the iPad allows Lia to express herself and the way she feels and sees things in her own unique way without concerning herself with how it looks and what her friends will say because there is no right or wrong. I never knew how to draw. Or maybe I did but someone told me that I’m drawing out of the lines, that it’s just a scribble, or I myself compared my art to the more creative kids in class and decided that it’s not for me. Using Faces iMake brings back the creativity in my life. Playing the App allows the whole family to express what we think is a face, what our room can look like or just a random object placing that can be anything that we want." More Student  Creations:

Nick's Croissant Mouth

Tomato Face by Alexis

Piano Partner


Cole is Orange

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