Failure enables the learning


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Failure - defined as a:  omission of occurrence or performance; b (1):  a state of inability to perform a normal function (2):  an abrupt cessation of normal functioning c:  a fracturing or giving way under stress Epiphany - defined as a moment in which you suddenly see or understand something in a new or very clear way. FYI (Also, a Christian festival held on January 6 in honor of the coming of the three kings to the infant Jesus Christ, I did not know the word was rooted in a religious event until I looked it up just now.) I had an epiphany today (first definition) and when I saw this wonderful post from Edutopia- I knew I needed to share. So what epic thing caused the ruckus in my life? I was intoxicated by the euphoria of understanding a very simple concept and then wondering why education today continues to operate on the premise that failure is bad. It was the try and try again, the fail after fail, that brought me to where I am today! Without failing first I couldn't have accomplished much of what I have done. I couldn't have gotten here if I hadn't gone where I went. It was the failure that enabled the learning. Today's society has a handheld and coddled its children to the point where we don’t allow them to fail. Parents have come into school irate when daughter didn’t get the lead in the play or pulled their son off the football team when he wasn’t made the quarterback. What a disservice we are doing in preparing our youth for the exciting challenges ahead of them. Education's focus on the right answer and the grades has made students afraid to attempt learning opportunities for fear of failure. With technology reshaping our society in a myriad of ways and what’s innovative today is passé tomorrow; more than ever we need to focus on the learning process and not just the method. There is a terrible stigma attached to failure when the reality is that we all need to experience trial and error in order to achieve success. This is how we learn! scroll divider   Thanks for reading my rant. Read the Edutopia article aptly titled, “Making Friends With Failure" by Ainissa Ramirez  No one likes failure, the F-word, no matter how you sugarcoat it. But failure is a part of life. Sometimes things don't work out. Sometimes you don't get what you want. Stuff happens. But if we recast these situations right, we learn to create a new normal, to persevere, to learn to be more flexible or to redirect our energies. Read full article here: BytmFs2IgAI91aI And if you are interested in a long post on Life Purpose read: PURPOSE What should I do with my life?  by Rob Liu  
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