Fairy Tales ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Books!

imgresFairy Tales ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Books! by Better World opens with the Reading Tree who gives a short synopsis of each story contained within the app. Only The Princess and the Pea - is free, but if you hurry the developers are giving a $7 holiday gift, users can select 3 free books of their choice until December 29th. "Fairy Tales" is a collection of 8 classical fairy tales with a 3D element. Kids like these 3D renditions and really enjoy the "Star Dust" bonus games. The lengthy text is a bit too much text on a page, hope these developers will consider spreading the text out over several pages on the next update. These colorful and entertaining fairy tales are especially designed for children aged 6 to 8 years, because we know that they will enhance their enjoyment of books at this important stage in their lives. Reading professionals around the world agree that it doesn’t matter what children read, as long as they keep practicing. Whether on the iPad or on paper, a reading experience is a learning experience, so keep reading everyone! screen640x640-1 screen640x640     "Fairy Tales" offers 8 classical fairy tales. More coming soon. • The Princess and the Pea - FREE • Cinderella • Goldilocks and the three bears • Mother Snow • The Enormous Turnip • The Three Little Pigs • The Three Spinners • The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids Features: • Interactive 3D pop-up scenes • $7 Holiday gift • Christmas themed • Safe for Kids - parent gate protected • Narrated by 9 professional actors • Bonus game Star Dust!
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