Fall-Themed Camping With Grandpa!

We've made a major fall-themed update to this year's top-featured Fairlady Media app, Camping With Grandpa!

icon_1024Fall-Themed Camping With Grandpa!
This major update includes:
  + NEW maze mini-game: Help Grandpa find the tent!
  + NEW fall-themed backgrounds and falling leaves
  + NEW fall-themed items in mini-games: pumpkins, turkeys, leaves, and more!
  + NEW localized metadata (translated into 9 languages)
  + NEW fall-themed icon and screenshots
Hey, campers! Who wants to roast a marshmallow and eat an s’more? Grab a stick and join Grandpa on a hiking and camping adventure you’ll never forget! Choose a trail, read a compass, spot some wildlife, identify animal tracks, earn wilderness patches, play tent games, and watch videos about real-life outdoor experiences. Don’t forget to douse the campfire before you leave! Designed for ages 6-8.
Kids love Camping With Grandpa because they get to roast marshmallows, play games, and douse a campfire with their favorite fun-loving Grandpa.
Parents and teachers love Camping With Grandpa because it teaches kids about wildlife, trail safety, eco-awareness, orienteering, and camping vocabulary.
App description and screenshots: below and attached
Universal app; iOS8 required
YouTube Preview Image
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