Fergus Ferry HD Story App

  unnamedFergus Ferry HD, by Snowball Press, is an adapted book series app with spectacular, simple stories and gorgeous illustrations that are fun for the whole family! The 'Fergus Ferry' books written by author J.W. Noble have been loved by young Aussie kids for over fifteen years. Now, the book series has been developed for iOS, Android and desktop use. The Fergus Ferry app contains 24 Fergus books in both a read aloud or reads yourself format. That's right, all 24 books are included in this one app! That is a $89 dollar value AND you can get the FULL version for FREE until Jan 31st. In addition, there’s the interactive Seaport Harbor to explore with lots of learning potential. An engaging, fun, game is included where you get to navigate Fergus around the Seaport Harbor to rescue swimmers, defend yourself against sharks and avoid crashes. This endearing series of rhyming books for age’s 2 to 6-year-olds stars the immensely popular Fergus the Ferry character. Now children worldwide can reap the benefits of this trusty boat. These books, written by Noble for his son, contain great segues into life lessons and character education discussions. A page for parents and a page for teachers helps parents and teachers get the most out of these stories. Each book addresses a different childhood theme - being brave, having confidence, don't cry wolf, the advantages of keeping an open mind, friendship issues and following your passion - just to name a few. This app also has a FREE or lite version if you want to get a taste of the great content! fergus_FEATURE The full version of the app offers hours of play, reading and entertainment featuring: * All 24 Fergus Ferry stories with the original illustrations and all new reading fun. The stories are available in 2 modes: Read-Along where young readers can listen to the author, JW Noble, read the books aloud while the pages turn automatically, or 'Read-Myself' where children and their parents can read the stories themselves. * 'Go! Fergus' Game where the reader can drive Fergus Ferry around the harbor to rescue people, save boats, scare off sharks and avoid crashes with other ferries. Designed for young readers, the game has simple touch controls, full voiceover instructions and lots of chances to earn points and get on the scoreboard. * 'For Parents' information: JW Noble explains the origins of Fergus Ferry. He also gives a brief explanation of the themes of each of the stories, designed to help a little with teaching children some of the lessons that can help equip them for life. * ‘For Teachers’ information: gives teachers talking points, themes and activities for each story. * Voiceover and audio prompt: full voice over audio for stories, instructions and anywhere there is text for children, giving young and aspiring readers the help they need if their parents aren’t available. screen480x480  
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