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Fiete Cars by Ahoiii Entertainment UG iFieteCars_Icon_512x5123xs an iOS app that allows boys AND girls, from 5 years and up, to be the creators. In Fiete Cars kids can collect wacky cars, build customized tracks, invent their own stories and decide whether they want to do high-speed stunts, adventurous chases or leisurely drives.

Available from March 2nd, 2017 ~Get it for free Have a look at the Gameplay

Fiete Cars has room for Creative-Play 

Fiete Cars is made for all boys AND girls 5 years and up. There is room for kids to make up their own stories. They can build straight, curvy, dilapidated, bumpy or muddy roads and play in it in whichever way they like! Get into a fast sports-car, an 18-wheeler truck or the unstoppable monster truck and imagine high-speed chases, jump over obstacles using the whoopee cushion, crash-land on the speed ramp and use the ski jumps to do breathtaking somersaults into the swimming pool.


Or they may help a crashed car with the ambulance, visit the piggies on the farm with the tractor, drive the excavator with Grandma Lara, ride in an iconic antique with old captain Hansen, or cruise in the pickup Fiete´s girlfriend Emma. And if your kid wants just 1 Horsepower - take a ride with Dolly the horse and gallop through the parking garage you built.

 Intuitive and simple at first sight - with endless possibilities
Collect stars to unlock all of the building blocks and vehicles. The kids start with just one car and collect stars to win the first simple street elements to build with. After some collecting the building parts start to get more interactive, so you get elevators or a portal which can be used to build tunnels. They also win cars this way, so you have to keep collecting stars to get the mighty monster truck or the cute camper.

With this approach, Ahoiii takes care that kids don´t feel overwhelmed by the possibilities of the many building options and the many cars. This way kids learn to use the single elements and as they build their world they improve their building skills. Of course, tracks can be saved and revisited and improved at any time.

About the App:
App Name:   Fiete Cars
Target Group:  from 5 years to …
Launch-Date:  March 2nd, 2017 for iPhone and iPad;
Pricing:  Free-Version: 2 cars, 6 building parts, and 6 driver
Full-Version für €2,99: 20 cars, 25 building blocks and endless possibilities
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