Fiete Match – best memo / pairs game against a clever sailor


Mindprint Expert Review

0x0ss-85Fiete Match - best memo / pairs game against a clever sailor by Ahoiii Entertainment Fiete Match is a very cute visual memory game with engaging graphics and six puzzles that offer an increasing challenge. Every game includes 16 titles, and the child plays against the sailor to see who can make the most pairs. This single player game has the feel of playing against a friendly opponent with no negative feedback, no time constraint, and an appropriate game length for the target age group. Children can pick their game. The games start easier with a single shape and grow in difficulty, ending in single-digit addition matching. Overall, this is a great rendition of a familiar game.
  • The game has the feel of a two-player game though it is a single player game.
  • Games are the right level and length for the target age group, with no timer and no negative feedback.
  • The graphics and accompanying sounds are cute without being distracting.
  • Parents cannot track usage or performance.
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