Fiete Soccer

Fiete Soccer by Ahoiii Entertainment is just out and it is AWESOME!
Start your own club! Play away right into the championships!
Create your ow246x0wn soccer team from countless combinations:
- choose from 24 pre-installed teams or create your own team, - give your own teams names, - choose from 48 different national flags, - choose from 64 different jersey combinations - put together personalized teams from more than 180 various players
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"Kids all over the globe are really into playing soccer. We looked around in the App Store and there were no proper soccer game games for little kids in the market. So we found that this was a pity and we thought we should fix that.
In Fiete Soccer we want to take kids seriously and provide them with a soccer game where you can choose your outfit or put together your team. Because this preparation is part of the role play in soccer. You can put together a girls team, or a team full of your beloved stars ... We made a gameplay that is less complicated than soccer games for teens, but has all the atmosphere and drama of an interactive soccer game." by Wolfgang Schmidt
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