Fingerprint Acquires Two Awesome Mobile Education Companies

 imgresFingerprint acquires two awesome mobile education companies, Cognitive Kid, a TWA Certified Developer and Scribble Press a TWA Certified APP! Fingerprint’s library of kids’ apps, games and e-books are now over 800. This San Francisco-based company was founded by former Leapfrog executive, Nancy MacIntyre, who jets around the globe in search of the best app companies to possibly partner with. Read her blog post which appeared in edSurgeSouth By Southeast: Looking for Apps in All the Right Places.

Unknown-2Cognitve Kid was one of the first app developers to break the mold and bring serious learning into educational apps with two endearing characters, Ansel and Clair. TWA reviewed their first app, Ansel & Clair Adventures in Africa back in 2011 and this is what we had to say, "Kids learn about all different kinds of landforms, the importance of water and how it affects climate, various habitats, major landmarks, and many exotic animals. There are literally thousands of fabulous facts. The deliberate use of fostering critical thinking skills, problem-solving and inferencing, play an important part in making this app a top notch educational tool! This game teaches children using cross curriculum techniques by incorporating all different subject areas. Geography, History, Science, Math, and ELA skills are all intertwined." Cognitive Kid went on to develop a suite of incredible apps that were perfect for authentic learning and loved by the students as well as winning every award around!

Scribble-Press-Icon-150x150Scribble Press crossed the lines with not only several store fronts but a wonderful app that started the trend of using a multimedia creativity platform for creating, sharing and publishing stories. Here is what TWA wrote about Scribble Press. "This is one cool tool! Kids can use their imaginations while writing, illustrating, and publishing an ebook, which can then be shared. Wait - it gets better! This app is not only FREE, it is phenomenal! There are three parts: My Books, My Drawings, and Gallery."  A second app, Scribble My Story, the junior version, was designed in conjunction with Fingerprint’s early learning experts a while back.

READ the more here on TechCrunch or Business Wire

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