Fiona & the Fog

909913283Fiona & the Fog by William Poor A meditative storybook about a girl & her scarf lost in the fog ... Set in San Francisco, this gorgeous storybook about a bored little girl exploring a foggy day is truly exceptional. It begins with Fiona wishing "something exciting would happen" and ends in a deeply satisfying way, after traveling the city following her wind-driven scarf. The landscape is vast and exceptional with mood-setting, meditative music that relaxes young and old readers alike. The digital settings are sparse but provide just enough to navigate this beautiful book. A perfect bedtime story awaits readers of this delightful storybook app!
Highly Recommended! This app has been thoroughly evaluated by our staff. Please click on the 'star ratings' tab above, to see how it fared in all nine of our rating categories. See synopsis tab for more details about the storyline.

The Digital Media Diet Review by: Carisa Kluver


 "That rare case where conventional picture book meets technology and the result is something fresh and harmonious" ~The Horn Book

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