Fishing with Grandpa

  400x400bb-7Fishing with Grandpa by FairLady Media continues the Grandpa line of apps depicting practical life skills with one of my favorite characters - Grandpa. Grandpa brings to life information that most kids seldom see or experience and delivers it in perfect syncopation. The pace is casual, friendly, and most of all inviting. Demands are graded and Grandpa is always there to support kids every step of the way. His voice is soothing, but has a sparkly bit of mischief, implying fun for all. There are ten different activities - including number and color sensibilities, same/different, interlocking puzzles, and of course short video clips. I absolutely adore what FairLady Media puts out. They consistently introduce interesting learning apps for kids that are focused on a child’s current skill level without a lot of extra flash, light or constant input to the senses. But make no mistake, kids are also challenged with new themes to explore and varied perspectives. Let’s take a look and see what fun Grandpa is up to in Fishing with Grandpa. IMG_2299On opening, check out the settings. Under a gated access area, music can be turned on or off, depending on a child’s threshold level. Also within the access area is the ability for parents and teachers to select which activities will appear. So if you are trying to work on counting skills, you may want to recycle through the counting games and the same/different, and/or measure the fish activities and leave others for a later day. Having a setting’s panel such as this is a very thoughtful addition, as therapists and teachers can zero in on needed lessons and then directly apply them to the classroom for real time application. It would be fun to have a little fishing net with fish to measure or fish to match and/or sort. Through play, kids can then expand upon a theme by having their attention activated on a certain concept, and that is what makes a lesson stick! After measuring play fish…how about everyone’s right arm? There is absolutely no stress when playing with Grandpa, and he keeps kids from getting stuck in one mode of play due to the ability IMG_2301to mix lessons and off screen activities. I had one caregiver say to me –“This is too hard for her” but the child had the time to listen, process, and react to the instruction and surprised us all! Grandpa creates and allows for a lot of space to give kids the time to think about what is being requested and react accordingly. After completing a number of tasks, Grandpa shows a video clip on his sail reinforcing the previous lessons and concepts by providing new information on the subject of fishing. What I love most is - how many children actually fish? How many children know where fish come from? And how many children know the sequence or can identify gear needed for an outing on a lake or river? It’s Grandpa to the rescue, to show kids FullSizeRender 7in a loving way what fishing is all about and give it a try. But most of all I love how FairLady Media takes topics, many novel or interesting to kids and applies early learning activities to their apps. Fishing with Grandpa is Highly Recommended and a TWA top Pick! Hmmm… salmon or catfish for dinner…  
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  1. Pleased to share this super review of the app highlighted. Such informative detail aids choices for parents and practitioners alike and, as such, are much appreciated.