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Fitoons an app to promote healthy eating & lifestyles by Avokiddo is an essential part of every child's screentime. The proverbial wisdom "You are what you eat" has never been more clear than it is today! This wonderful new app has a serious wellness message for all age groups presented in a kid-friendly, engaging and interactive venue. The choices of zany characters and combinations of wild workout gear couldn't be more fun and the selection of real-time exercise regimes keep kids coming back again and again. The kitchen is a virtual haven for cooking all kinds of creative fare! What happens to the characters bodies depends on what they eat and how much exercise they do, a very powerful concept for children to observe.


As always Avokiddo has hit the nail on the head and this app addresses a global epidemic of poor diet and exercise practices. The children we worked with were content to listen to an introduction, take turns choosing characters, outfits and different exercises, participate in group workouts and have the opportunity to play solo or in small groups. The app experience really opened up the dialogue between the participants and the teachable moments were endless. We feel that to activate deep learning children need to play with other children or with an adult at least in the beginning as some of the cause and effect samples are subtle and may go unnoticed. As educators, we appreciated the simplicity of the app and the POWERFUL message to all regarding healthy lifestyles. This app would be a welcome addition to any health and wellness curriculum and could be the mainstay of after school or home-based activities.

Content design includes 20 workouts and 45 different food choices that can be cooked on six kitchen appliances, allowing you to boil, fry, bake, chop or blend.

Fitoons promotes exercise, eating healthy, staying fit!

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