FizzBrain releases Touch and Write Storybook: 3 Bears


downloadTouch and Write Storybook: 3 Bears, by FizzBrain, is a unique interactive storybook that helps children master the vocabulary for each page of the story using engaging "Touch and Write" practice games. On each page of the story, children may visit the Writing Room and use fun textures, such as shaving cream and ketchup, to practice writing story words. They learn the phonetic pronunciation of each letter as they write. Children may also visit the Reading Room where they practice giving story vocabulary words to the different story characters.


*Helps children master the story vocabulary for each page as they move through the story. *Writing Room features a fun "Touch and Write" textures so that children practice writing story vocabulary using jello, whipped cream, and more. *Reading Room helps children practice vocabulary from their current page as they have to follow directions, such as "Give the word 'time' to Goldilocks. Now give the word 'bears' to Papa Bear." *Illustrations for each page also teach story vocabulary, with popup text and audio. In addition, children can take Papa Bear's quiz, in which he will ask them to read a story vocabulary word and then tap it in the illustration. *Every word of the story text is tappable, bringing up an enlarged image of the word and its audio. *Read to Me and Read Myself functionality. *Spaced throughout the story are 4 activity pages: Help Goldilocks knock on the door; Help Goldilocks eat her porridge; Help Goldilocks rock her chair; Help Goldilocks test the beds. With "Touch and Write Storybook" children learn to read and write the story!

About FizzBrain:

FizzBrain is a Mom and Pop Studio committed to bringing the latest and very best of educational practices into the world of apps. Between the two of them, David and Abbie Cort have 40 years' experience teaching in elementary, secondary and special education classrooms and they draw on all that experience and training when designing their apps. Abbie holds a Masters Degree in Special Education and David holds a Masters Degree in History from UCLA. David also has extensive experience as an app and web game developer.
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