Free Listening Comprehension Practice Skill Now Available from Sponsored Post ImageLooking for an exciting new way to train listening comprehension, analytical, and inference skills? Then you need to know about a new technology called interactive voice assistants. The Amazon Echo with its built-in “virtual voice assistant” Alexa is a great example of this technology. Check out the Free Listening Comprehension Practice Skill Now Available from The Amazon Echo device connects to WiFi and you talk to Alexa (a Siri-like assistant) by saying the wake word “Alexa” and then asking a question or requesting a “skill.” Alexa can answer all sorts of questions about the weather, facts and trivia, sports scores and stock prices. Alexa skills are similar to apps. Skills are created by 3rd party developers and they enable Alexa to do all sorts of interesting things. As an interactive voice assistant, Alexa could be a great teaching aid. is building free interactive Alexa voice skills.’s Listening Comprehension Practice skill has over 55 original stories. Alexa tells the quick stories in “her” own voice and then asks a series of comprehension questions at the end of each story. Listeners respond to the question by answering yes or no and Alexa provides feedback on the answer.   If you have access to an Amazon Echo, you can access the free skill by enabling the “Listening Comprehension Practice” skill in the Alexa Skills app. If you don’t have access to an Echo, contact the team to learn about alternative ways to access the skill.
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