Free Teacher Resource for Flight of the Pamplmousse!

Bring this Wonderful Story to Your Classroom – or Living Room – for Free!

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-1In celebration of the new school year, we are thrilled to be offering Flight of the Pamplemousse to you for FREE.  This wonderfully illustrated and narrated tale – named a “Top 20 Essential Storybook App” by Digital Media Diet – is currently taught in schools and districts across the country with more copies downloaded every day. This presence in elementary and middle schools landed “Pamplemousse” on the eSpark Learning Curriculum, used by KIPP and Chicago Public Schools among many others. To facilitate read-aloud, discussion and classroom activities, Whynoceros? is also proud to offer a free Teacher Resource.

The app, normally $1.99, (or $.99 with educational pricing), will be free today through September 2nd.

Flight of the Pamplemousse contains several reading options. You can choose to have the entire story read to you and the pages turned automatically; or turn the pages at your own pace and hear narration only when you want to. It is available for iPad.

Synopsis: Young Jonathan’s eavesdropping may start as innocent entertainment but before long the French words he overhears launch him headfirst into a far-flung – yet familiar – dreamland.  With only his courage and curiosity, he explores this new and wondrous landscape, unsure of what might be hiding in the trees and shadows.  With playful rhythms and immersive illustrations, Flight of the Pamplemousse takes children and adults alike on a uniquely imaginative journey that is sure to delight.

Flight of the Pamplemousse was written by Gabriel Nadel and illustrated by Archie Valdez. All narration was recorded and mixed specifically for mobile devices, at Inner Harbor Studios. Flight of the Pamplemousse is published by Whynoceros?, creator of the hit app Five Musical Monkeys HD.

What Critics are Saying:

“Voted ‘#1 App of the Week’" -

"Beautiful illustrations and the narration is lovely."

"A delightful tale about inter-generational storytelling, the dreaming imagination and the whimsy of taking a foreign word out of context." - Digital Story Time 

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