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Kids Love the iPad & iPhoneBut all they want to do is go on YouTube!

We have heard from parents, teachers and other professionals again and again how much their son, daughter, student, or client loves the iPad.  Everywhere you look you see stories and articles about the effectiveness of using iPads or other devices with people with special needs such as autism spectrum disorders. There is no question that iPads and other devices are game-changing tools that have almost limitless potentials for learning. But that can only happen if your son, daughter, student, or client GETS OFF OF YOUTUBE long enough to take advantage of these wonderful educational opportunities.
This is where our new app comes in!
Timer for YouTube

This app allows the user to easily control the amount of time YouTube is open. A code is needed to launch YouTube, and to determine how long it can stay open.  Finally, there is a way to limit the time spent on YouTube and to maximize the time spent exploring all the possibilities iPads and other devices have to offer.But wait, there's more!  For a limited time Timer for YouTube will be available to download for free from the app store.  Click here to download and read more about the app.

Available in the App Store
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