Freggers Play: learn to code in 3d By Spin AG

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UPDATE: Get the Freggers Play HOUR OF CODE Activity HERE!

1200x630bbFreggers Play: learn to code in 3d by Spin AG is an app cleverly designed to teach coding by inspiring creativity and spatial imagination with storytelling, building, and the ability for children to make their own rules to run their own world, all in 3D! This visionary app leaves much of the gameplay to the child's own choosing and preferences. A player can dive right into the chosen landscape and zoom around getting a birdseye view of what the terrain consists of and then go to the book icon for story starters and character descriptions. Or a player can dive right into the box and pick a theme and start adding people, props, and animals as well as having them move bound about with special effects. In practice, the range of use of Freggers Play is versatile: Teachers can utilize the app on a school iPad for brightening up class with "a game within" or by launching an official joint project like "We code a game" or "We create an animated movie" that can be saved and resumed any time until considered done. The students can "work" unhurriedly at home using their own iPads playing around with their ideas and later share their results in class - maybe even merge them to the joint project. And parents are assured their kids do something reasonable as well as fun and maybe even join their youngsters for coding something together. BubblePicknick.jpgBack Story: The company developing Freggers Play was founded 21 years ago by a bunch of students full of dreams how the Internet would change the world. They knew then and still know that coding is the literacy of the digital age. They worked with Regensburg University's Department for School Pedagogics and focused on its mentoring program for girls in STEM. Freggers Play is our small contribution to change this and interest (not only) girls for professions in STEM.    
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