Fun And Interactive Ways To Teach Kids About Jobs And Careers

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Fun And Interactive Ways To Teach Kids About Jobs And Careers

A national survey found that 15% of American teenagers aged 14 to 18 have no idea what kind of job they want when they finish school. This is especially troublesome considering that there were many categories within the survey, as well as an “Other” option. While kids and teenagers learn specific subjects in school and many of them may find interest in those, in order for them to have a sense of the multitude of job and career options available, they must learn about it from an early age. For teachers who want to teach this important lesson to their students, here are ways to keep it engaging, fun and interactive:

Brainstorm with your students

A fun and interesting way to keep your students engaged while showing them the many possibilities in their future is to organize a brainstorming session, an effective process when followed through with actionable steps. Ask each student to announce three main interests or hobbies and write them on the chalkboard. Then, enlist the help of the rest of the class to come up with ideas for jobs or careers that would fit well with those interests. So a student who may not know what kind of job they would like in the future can say they really love cupcakes, and jobs such as pastry chef, cook or bakery manager could all be offered as solutions during the brainstorm. This is a great way to get the entire class involved, explore a vast amount of opportunities and provide each child with a valuable lesson that they can find job opportunities or careers based on their interests.  

Slideshows to teach practical skills

On top of teaching your students the many types of jobs and careers available to them, you can also show them the practical side of things. Showing them the steps necessary to get a job, such as writing a resume, wearing work-appropriate clothing and speaking professionally during an interview are are skills they can at least learn about at a young age. To make the process more interactive, you can organize a slideshow and present it as a “do’s and don’t’s” series where your class can vote on the correct option. You can showcase two different resumes as slides, one with typos and grammatical errors and another well-written professional option and ask your class which one they think would most likely lead to an interview. Once your class has voted, you can go over the specifics of what makes one the better option.

While kids and teenagers are going to go through many phases in terms of their interests and passions, teaching them about job and career opportunities is vital knowledge for them to make good decisions. Using brainstorming sessions to equate interests with job opportunities and going over the specific steps to successfully land a dream career are engaging, interactive and fun ways to get your class interested in this important information as soon as possible.

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