Into the Future: What to Expect in 2015 and Beyond…

Faith Popcorn, a futurologist, is tracking the Future leaking into the present, and she has been at the forefront of the predicting game for decades with a track record of 95% accuracy. If you are not familiar with her BrainReserve which was founded in 1974, you may want to start here and read how our government paid her company more than a half a million dollars to study the future of the post office, or more specifically, stamps. I can say I now live in a stamp free world, I think she knows what she is talking about! Faith Popcorn focuses on market trends and successfully works with an array of well-established Fortune 500 companies to help them prepare their businesses for the future. Don’t miss her Brief History of the Future, this timeline is mind-shifting. This is where you will really be convinced she knows what she is talking about!
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This snippet is from Faith's book EVEolution

In her latest book called EVEolution, the glossary and TrendBank, make for curious reading. I am destined to sink right back into techno-isolation as the New Year approaches and hope to break it up with another trendtrek out to Silicon Valley soon! Long story short, yesterday I happened across our local newspaper where Steven Gaines (Hedgerows of the Philistines) had summarized Faith Popcorn’s predictions for 2015 and beyond and I felt compelled to share. Some of the notions are so outlandish they are hard to fathom, but I remind myself that just five/six years ago the iPad had yet to surface…. Thus this blog might be somewhat off topic - but hey, we all need to keep up with the future and what to expect in 2015 and beyond... skin3That said, here is a product description from this week's TrendWeek Report. Minimal wearables are soon to be commonplace; Faith's Brain Reserve reports about the newly found company Cicret, which is working on a product that should really simplify everyday life. This wristband has the ability to replace your phone, laptop, and screen for streaming videos by directly projecting onto your arm! Way out there, I know. This company hopes to be selling this wearable by June 2015, read more of what Faith has to say about the future of wearables below: The Embeddable Mom Of The Future An embedded chip will function much the way Google Glass does, but it will be internalized. You won’t need to type a question or say it out loud. Just by thinking it, you will have the answer appear in your “mind’s eye” – in a corner of your field of vision. Moms will embrace this so they can keep in contact with their family, their friends – she can know where they are, what they are doing, ask questions, and get answers without stopping to click away at her smartphone. So how soon until we can expect this to happen? The Brain Reserve sees internalized tech being popularized within the next decade, but for moms, wearable technology will be adopted much earlier – likely in two to five years.   The world of media is morphing. We’re trading movie theaters for mobile devices and networks for Netflix. But what can we expect in the Future?  According to Faith Popcorn, the changes are all in your head: You can say goodbye to external devices and expect programming to be streamed directly into your brain via an embedded chip. It will deliver video, music, games, social media, and even real-time translation instantly and seamlessly into your consciousness. And, there are plenty more… Visit the 17 trends at the TrendBank and read about other speculations for the future!
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Poster from the Brain Reserve: 17 Trends

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