Gabriel’s Seeds: Create Personalized Learning Apps

  Gabriel's Seeds is a web-based app designed to cGSiconreate personalized learning apps for kids. This is a great tool for teachers to create apps related to logic, math, reading, and so on, as per the likes of the students. If a student has a specific interest, the teacher can make an app about that particular topic, and use the apps for different kinds of exercises. This customization will certainly help get the students motivated to learn! Not only that, it is free to use! So if you are a teacher or parent who would like to have a tool to make a customized app then this is the app for you! It is a SNAP! Their website has a video tutorial for making an app, I highly recommended to view this tutorial prior to attempting to make an app. Make an App Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 10.32.38 AM Making an app on Gabriel's Seeds platform is quite simple, first, pick a template. Once a template has been chosen, teachers can then decide on any given topic they would like the exercises to be based on. There is then an option to choose categories and subcategories for these games, which cover different options for activities: animals, numbers, colors, etc. The choice of methods by which the apps can be played include several selections, to name a few: typing answers, drag and drop elements into position, or memory games. Once the app is built, kids can have fun with procedurally generated exercises in the games, and teachers can keep updating the apps to keep their students challenged academically. How it works: 1. Select layouts 2. Select images 3. Select motivators 4. Save, Share, Play, Have Fun
Reward System and Music Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 10.57.08 AM My favorite component of the app is the reward system. Every child likes being rewarded, and if they know that there is a reward waiting for them when they finish math and reading exercises, it can add to their performance of those exercises. After every couple of exercises, Gabriel's Seeds enables teachers to choose a video clip of their liking from their library as a reward. They can also add any video from YouTube. An option to include personalized music when playing the games adds another element to learning. App sharing Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.22.35 AM Teachers can share any app they have built with their students, parents, and other teachers. If teachers have seen their students show significant improvement in class through an app that they have built, sharing it with other teachers can help benefit other students. This feature helps with building a community of Gabriel's Seeds teachers! Currently, they are in the process of adding a new feature, which would enable the teachers to sell their app as well. Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.48.02 AMMultiple Languages This web app supports multiple languages, which makes it accessible to a global community. Teachers can personalize the apps based on the language of their preference. They can also use this app for the study of different languages to help the students improve their language skills. Space for Improvement Even though this is a great tool for teachers to create learning apps, I found a couple of things that Gabriel's Seeds could improve on to make their interface more user-friendly.
  1. For some of the math sections where students have to count the pictures that are not crossed out, it is sometimes difficult to see which pictures are crossed out and which are not due to the lighting.
  2. Sometimes the pictures overlap, which makes it difficult for the student to count accurately.
  3. I wish I had the option to edit a specific game in a file. Currently, when I try to edit a file, it creates a new game in that file.
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