Gappy Learns Reading – Teach Kids Spelling and Reading With Letters & Sounds – Educational Sight Word Games for Kindergarten

admin-aja175GappysFirstWords-Icon512   Gappy Learns Reading - Teach Kids Spelling and Reading With Letters & Sounds - Educational Sight Word Games for Kindergarten, by Spinlight Studio, is hot off the press and ready for all emergent readers to give it a whirl! This app, from these, tried and true developers, is so engaging, visually pleasing, and inviting the students simply can't get enough of it! Gappy is cute and cool according to students!  They love remodeling the house along the way while helping Gappy find his/her way home. Spinlight develops apps that garner smiles while learning, and they are all packed with FUN! Gappy's First Words covers a very important step in learning to read, CVC words are the simple three letter words that all kids start with. These are the words that follow the rules and learning the rules early on helps build a strong foundation to grow with. Think rhyming like a cat, bat, mat, and hat - all examples of CVC words... as well as a tug, map, net, log....


While Gappy is out exploring he/she comes to a divide and needs to build a bridge, made of letters that form a word, to get to the other side. We love that while Gappy is jumping from letter to letter each individual letter sound is heard. Next, the learning is reinforced by the word popping up and each sound is slowly enunciated to blend the letters into the word. When a child makes a mistake all of the letters fall into a void and the child is asked to spell the word again. For field-testing purposes, I tried to spell bun wrong over and over to see if it gave me any hints. There are only so many ways to put three letters together so the child is asked over and over again in a very gentle voice to "try again." This is a great way for children to experience problem-solving. We like that there is no negative reinforcement when you get the word wrong. Oh, almost forgot to mention, there is an interactive alphabet page that gives the name and sound of each letter, which can be used for initial learning of the letter sounds and later, as practice. Both upper case and lower case options are available for viewing. Gappy's First Words is the interactive reading game that helps early learners master more than 200 words and their sounds. From dusty deserts to distant planets, players must spell words to bridge the gaps that prevent Gappy from getting home, and with every adventure they complete, they'll earn the parts they need to redesign Gappy's house. Whether it's a cozy cabin, a mushroom house or a castle with a gingerbread roof, they'll enjoy creating more than 600 fun combinations in the primary learning adventure perfect for pint-size readers.
  • 54 parts that can be used to design 720 house combinations, including a basic house (already unlocked), a castle, a space house, a gingerbread house, a metal house, a ship, a mushroom house, a heart house and a log cabin.
  • Four game levels that help children progress from basic letter identification to spelling words all on their own.
  • The ability to switch between upper- and lower-case letters.
  • Selectable word groupings that help players learn at their own pace, whether they're ready for easy, hard or sight words.
  • A teaching keypad with the name and sound of every letter.
  • High-resolution images that look great on every screen.
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