Geo Walk HD – 3D World Fact Book

  Geo Walk - 3D World Fact Book, by Vito Technology Inc., is by the same developers who brought you the Award Winning Star Walk. This incredible edutainment app is a World Fact Book presented in 3d Globe formatting. "Geo Walk is an easy-to-use and information packed encyclopedia for iPhone/iPod Touch that contains only the most interesting and valuable information about our multifaceted world." The latest update adds more information and gorgeous pictures to the already strong foundation. This app is geared toward toddlers, teens, right on up to anyone in their twilight years! It's a fun tool for the whole family to learn more about the wonders of our world. The app has info cards containing data about plants, animals, places and people. Several times a week the app updates "NEWS" events about the earth and its environment.
Geo Walk also has a wide range of sharing opportunities. For example, you could find out that you and Leonardo da Vinci were born on the same day. Why not share it with readers via Facebook, Twitter or E-mail. The update also brings more than 300 new quizzes that can help you reinforce learned facts. You can learn virtually anything about any topic here.... such as the viperfish - the fiercest predator in the deep seas, or how 10 tons of excavated waste reveals secrets of the ancient Roman Empire. If your class or child is studying about the first moon walk, you'll find that info here. Our class was just reading about Apollo 11 and when the kids gave Geo Walk a whirl they were pleasantly surprised at how many important facts were given on just one card! As teachers, we like how concise and succinct the data is presented and love the global visual in the backdrop to help students with geography. We were looking for some kind of search feature, although we realize that the spin the globe and see where you land is really what this app is all about. Some of the info cards are credited to National Geographic, ABC and BBC News, as well as other reputable resources. Clicking on the link will take you to a full article, it would be an added bonus if all of the cards had a resource link. Try it, you won't be disappointed. From an educational perspective, our children need to learn more content and this app gives that opportunity with fun included - as all learning tools should!  
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