Get Inspired By These DesignCap Creations for Education

9qFwoZjH_400x400Get Inspired By These DesignCap Creations for Education

If you are familiar with DesignCap then you know it is a free online poster maker for all, even those with no technical skills. But what exactly can educators do with it? We have some example creations especially here for you to see. Take a tour of a stunning collection of creations for education in DesignCap and get started with this wonderful free tool. Create Free Custom Posters & Flyers in Minutes!

Remedial Class

remedial class This design uses one photo as its background, putting together the colors orange, green and blue. With the bold black title, green subtitle, and small black information, you can understand everything clearly at a glance. Make it in DesignCap: You’ve got full editing power to change the background and the text.

Times Tables

times tables

This is a mathematical table used to define a multiplication operation for an algebraic system. It’s pretty clear and simple for students to get started memorizing the facts quickly. Click on one of the tables to change its color. This is a colorful mat that you may print out and give to your students who struggle with multiples.

 Graduation Party

graduation party Show your grad how proud you of all their hard work by throwing them a graduation party. Use DesignCap to create a graduation party poster with the easy set of tools. Search for related images like graduation cap, diploma, yearbook, award, certificate, or more in the DesignCap online resources to complete your graduation party poster.

Biological Science Lecture

biological science lecture

Start making materials for biological science lectures, they can be made easily with this template. You can effortlessly combine practical and theory work with a mixture of lectures, seminars and lab work. Those students who choose to study the biological sciences can expect to expand their knowledge of cell theory, evolution, genetics, energy, homeostasis, etc. with the posters you make.

Student Enrollment Publicity

student enrollment publicity

Give your creation a specific feeling and make it attractive to people. The dark colors help these yellow words standout, plus the alignment tools make it easy to get this graphic text treatment perfectly spaced.

Cheerleading Tryouts


Where to even start with this cheerleading tryouts course? The yellow trumpet indicates the passion, the white and blue areas show the attitude. It reinforces the concept don't be nervous about tryouts! Know DesignCap is a free online poster maker which is easy to use with stellar results. Create Free Custom Posters & Flyers in Minutes!  
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