Give the Gift of Technology

give-the-gift-of-tech3 Do your kiddos want the gift of technology this holiday season? Choosing the proper balance between fun and education can be a challenge for many parents. Below is a list of items that your children will find entertaining and you won’t feel too guilty about buying. You can find more detailed information and most often a more lengthy review by clicking on the links attached to the products. motionpen_kids_productMotionPen Kids is the perfect stylus for kids. It is very resilant thanks to its high-quality aluminium body. The shape of the pen is thick for an easy grip and the tips are made of soft rubber. This way the pen slides easily on the screen without leaving any scratch. When used with Widevantage's apps for kids, the MotionPen Kids offers special features. It is the first pencil for kids supporting palm rejection. *Hover feature only works with their six apps at this point in time. Ages: 3-adult Compatible Tablet/s: It will work great with any app and capacitive touch screen Room for Growth: If you’re interested in unlocking our features for your customers to increase their productivity and enhance their devices, then join our team. Cost: Sale $22.43 (regularly 29.99) All 6 affiliate apps are free ____________________________________________________________________________________ img_8513Bluebee Pal Pro interactive Bluetooth® tech companions are able to connect the traditional with the future while bringing fun to learning and reading. Bluebee Pals are a Bluetooth-enabled interactive and lovable plush companion that sings, reads and answer phone calls. Our innovative lip synchronization technology allows Bluebee’s “mouth” to move while you’re reading storybooks, engaging in learning apps, singing songs & much more! Ages: 2-7 Compatible Tablet/s: Bluetooth Enabled IOS & Android Devices (including phones) Room for Growth: Kayle Concepts partners with various educators, therapists and app developers working toward creating innovative educational toys that incorporate cutting-edge technology while providing an interactive learning experience for all children. Cost: $64.99 ____________________________________________________________________________________ Dash and Dot Dash and Dot by Wonder Workshop:  These programmable robots use Bluetooth and can be driven or programmed via app. Ages: 6-12 Compatible Tablet/s: Android and iPad Room for Growth: Dash and Dot are compatible with a wide range of apps and accessories allowing for plenty of room for growth. Cost: Dash - $150, Dot - $50, Wonder Pack (both robots and most accessories) - $279
sphero2 Sphero 2.0 by Sphero: A robot that can be programmed with the Lightening Lab and Tickle apps. A suite of entertaining and fun games can also be used with the robot. Sphero is waterproof adding the fun. Ages: 7-12 Compatible Tablet/s: Android and iPad Room for Growth: With a wide-range of fun games (some of which use augmented reality) as well as educational apps that can be used for programming, this robot will appeal to youngsters for a long time. Cost: $129.99
ollie1Ollie by Sphero – A speedy robot, also made by Sphero. It can be programmed and driven, but is the games are limited. Ages: 8-12 Compatible Tablet/s: Android and iPad Room for Growth: The amount of games associated with Ollie are small, but its speed makes up for it. Cost: $99.99
ozobotOzobot by OZOBOT & EVOLLVE, INC.: A tiny robot that can be programmed with easy-to-use apps and programs. Additionally, this amazing little robot can be programmed with lines drawn on paper. As the robot follows the lines on paper, it reads the colored codes made by the child. Ages: 8-14 Compatible Device/s: Android, iPad, and Computers/Chromebooks Room for Growth: Children will love this robot! Its device compatibility is unmatched and it's up and coming Avenger accessories will make it even more fun for the younger children. However, it's novelty might wear off after a few weeks as it's apps and uses are limited. Cost: $59
littlebitslittleBits by littleBits – The perfect gift for the tinkerer of the family. littleBits kits come with pieces that can be linked together in thousands of ways leading to thousands of creations. Ages: 7-15 Compatible Device/s: No additional devices necessary Room for Growth: With a variety of kits available that can all be interconnected, this is a gift that can continue to grow with a child over a period of many years. A worthy investment and hours of fun! Price: $99.99-$249
imgres-13Osmo by PlayOsmo – Osmo takes tablet play to an entirely new level. Children use a reflective device placed over the tablet's camera, which allows children to interact with the game on the tablet screen using physical objects placed on the table in front of the iPad. Ages: 5-12 Compatible Devices: iPad only Room for Growth: Osmo is continually coming out with additional accessories extending the life of the product through the years. Price: $79-$189
tigglyTiggly by Tiggly – Rubber letters, shapes and numbers which can be placed on a tablet and interact with a variety of apps. Ages: 3-6 Compatible Devices: Android and iPad Room for Growth: This product is specifically designed for the younger set. Price: $29.95 each. Sets sold individually and most apps sold separately
nabiDreampad by Nabi – A kid-friendly tablet pre-loaded with Dreamworks associated games, parental controls, a kid-friendly internet browser, and a suite of creative apps. Ages: 3-10 Compatible Devices: no additional devices needed Room for Growth: The durability and flexibility of this tablet mean it will continue to grow with your child. Price: $69-$79 (depends on the store).
chromebookChromebook – A piece of equipment reminiscent of a laptop without the hefty price tag. Chromebooks ONLY run Google Chrome’s internet browser. Software such as word processing cannot be added. However, once a Google account has been created, users can use Google Drive to create virtually any type of publication. These publications are then saved in the cloud. Ages: 8-Adult Compatible Devices: no additional devices necessary Room for Growth: A great cost-friendly product for older children and adults alike. Price: $149-$399    
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