GoTeach! Lesson Planning Fun!

icon175x175 Coordinating and managing all the tasks involved with planning daily classroom instruction typically involves piles of papers—class schedule, calendar, lesson planner, and to-do list. GoTeach, a tool created by a teacher for teachers changes the norm. Using the foresight from her personal experience, Makaela Peña, has created an app that integrates all these tools into one seamless design. unnamed-2 While many lesson planning apps and websites are convoluted and challenging to navigate without the use of video tutorials, GoTeach is easy enough for a technology newbie. Straightforward labeling and few distractions make this the perfect app for someone wanting to incorporate technology into lesson planning for the first time. The price point is equally easy to manage. After, your free week trial, a twelve-month subscription is $6.99 while a lifetime subscription is only $29.99. Equally exciting is the fact that GoTeach is accessible from any smartphone or tablet. Now, when that great planning idea pops into your head, adding it to your plans is as easy as reaching for your phone.

Timetablesgoteach timetable

Once an account has been created, users are directed to the main menu where four options await—timetables, lesson plans, to-dos, and events. Timetables (schedules) are easy and efficient to create. Answer a few easy questions and voila, you’re done! I especially love how easy it is to mark holidays. Simply tap the days on the calendar that the school is closed and these days will magically disappear from your timetable! Now, it’s time to add specific classes or subject areas. Simply enter the subject, location, day/s, start and end time, and your color choice. GoTeach’s formatting accommodates for a variety of scheduling formats with no hassle.


Adding classes and subjects to your Timetable will automatically add them to the lesson planning section subtracting one more step to the planning process. GoTeach requires each plan to include a title. Titles make finding specific lessons easier to include in future planning sessions. You no longer have to rewrite complicated plans year after year, simply find the title of your lesson and tap to add it your new plans. Additionally, lessons can be emailed to other teachers, administrators, and even substitute teachers!

To-Do and Calendar

My favorite part of GoTeach is the To-Do section. I cannot tell you how many times I have written lesson plans with the intention of getting something prepared prior to teaching only to realize (at the last minute) I forgot, effectively ruining the plan for the day. The To-Do portion allows me to add reminders for lesson materials and preparations without ever leaving the app! The reminders can be set for a specific time and date and offer auditory cues and visual notifications. GoTeach even adds a calendar for keeping track of the all-important faculty meetings and parent/teacher conferences! Digital lesson planning has been elevated to a new level! GoTeach’s streamlined approach promotes focused planning, translating into fewer hours at school. This is an amazing app to add to any teacher’s toolbelt.
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