Great Multiplayer Apps for the Family

This review comes on the heels of Best Educational Multi-player Apps for Kids and the wonderful response that it generated. Great Multiplayer Apps for the Family is less about curriculum or common core standards and all about family time and how important it is to connect and interact with your children. All of these games are designed for multiplayer use and the developers had family in mind during their creations. Once again, TWA would like to emphasize the importance of social interactions and group play. All of these games may have a play solo setting, but the key here is the more the merrier! What better time to try these great apps for the whole family!   4 in a Row - Deluxe HD, by Fat Bird Games, is a strategy board game for the iPad/iPhone and is no different than the classic version of long ago.  The benefit here is 4 in a Row is a two-player game. The object is to connect four of one's own discs, of the same color, next to each other vertically, horizontally, or diagonally before your opponent. There are three levels of gameplay: against the computer, or against your opponent on the same or different devices! This strategy board game keeps you having fun as well as improving your strategies. Features include playing against a nearby player via Bluetooth or your opponent on the same device with Two Players mode. Enabled to save game progress and load it next time. Great visual effect and exciting sound effects for the whole family to enjoy!   Marble Mixer, by GameHouse, is a classic reinvented for your device and is loads of FUN for family and friends! "If you’re looking for a fantastic party game to put in your pocket and engage your friends, you’ll have a hard time doing better than Marble Mixer." Bring the party home with a modern twist on the classic game of marbles! Good for 1-4 players, anytime - anywhere! If you have fond memories of shooting marbles as a kid or just want to try out a fun "flick-and-shoot" interface, it's worth the 99 cent download. The game's got three modes. Table Tactics has you shooting at a target, trying to knock others' marble's out without hitting your own; Space Mania is a crazy mode where it's everyone for themselves during a time limit. And lastly, Monster Picnic has you trying to feed a colorful monster with as many marbles as you can. The game has a really fun look and feel -- it's simple. If you're playing with kids, that really works in your favor.   Math Party Free, by Nicolas Lehovetzki, is a great way for the whole family to get involved in polishing up their math skills. Math Party is a multiplayer mental math game for 5 years old and up. The screen is split in two for each player. Each player chooses the difficulty level, so children can play against their parents. The principle of the game is to click on bubbles in the order of the calculations that are inside. Children learn math while having fun. They love trying to beat their mom, dad, sister or brother! The game includes 4 levels of difficulty, multiplayer: one vs one, on the same iPad, and single player training mode. From the same developer: AB Math and AB Math Expert.
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3 Responses

  1. Kristina Kellogg

    Marble Mixer looks awesome!!!

  2. Ellen Gehl

    I just used Marble Mixer today and the middle school kids loved it. Great for turn taking and strategic thinking skills.

  3. Thanks these will be great to stop the fights over the iPad

  4. […] Great Multiplayer Apps for the Family is less about curriculum or common core standards and all about family time connecting with your children.  […]