Green Eggs and Ham by Oceanhouse Media

  400x400bb-6Oceanhouse Media has done the unthinkable…making an already great app better! The new interactive features of Green Eggs and Ham is sure to delight moms and teachers, but more importantly kids everywhere! This beloved book by Dr. Suess has a cleaner less cluttered interface on the home page. All settings are conveniently accessed through a little book icon on the top. Read to Me, Read to Myself, and highlighted text is present and accounted for as well as the ability to tap and hear individual words. This is so important to help a beginning reader get through a page independently by exploring words at their own pace. It is that self-driven motor act that helps seal in the information for future use, because of the synchronization of sight, sound, and movement (directly tapping calls in the motor system to help facilitate retrieval of the information through multiple pathways). Interactive worksheets IMG_0299are held within the pages of the book and directly relate to content. Finding a star on a page opens you up to a quick teaching moment…much like stopping to ask a child to find the item that rhymes with “Fox” on a page. Within each starred activity page:
  • Fun Fun Fun on every page with delightful animations; e.g. having the characters flip places or other unexpected events…It’s all there with just a tap, drag or tilt of your device helping to broaden perspectives of what’s possible. And that’s the birth to creativity – dreaming of the possible!
  • Practice phonics, rhymes, and explore new vocabulary by tapping on words and pictures which facilitate a foundation of the written and spoken word
  • My favorite is the reading comprehension pages promoting understanding
  • In the Parents section, track minutes spent reading, pages read, and also able to find the found starred pages, and the ones still to find
IMG_0294The best part from Oceanhouse Media is the ability to choose if you want music and sound effects, have words appear on the page describing pictures, or whether to have the interactive pages displayed during the story. This is truly a gift for special needs teachers and moms to limit the sensory input for kids or to gradually introduce material for those kids who want to click on everything all at once – and not listen to the story. By grading the demands gradually for some kids, it allows them to build on emerging skills. The rhythmic repetition of phrases not only helps kids learn to recognize words, it is just ripe for shouting out in unison, complete with stomping, clapping of the hands, and absolute fits of laughter. Green Eggs and Ham is designed for emergent readers and developed with early literacy experts. It is aligned to common core standards for ELA for Kindergarteners, but the reach of the book is timeless across the generations. Reading the book to kids for the first time is always thrilling. IMG_0306This is one of my favorite books for picky eaters. Kids can readily identify with Sam’s Friend, and inherently seem to know to be suspicious of any green foods. In therapy, kids love to play Sam’s Friend. It’s one of the earliest peek kids get at looking at and examining their own behaviors, and in only a way that Dr. Seuss can - without blame or shame. And I have found this book to be transformative in getting kids to try new foods. It is a top pick favorite of TWA, although how does one actually choose a favorite from the Dr. Seuss Library? Bravo Oceanhouse Media! You’ve truly presented Green Eggs and Ham with all the bells and whistles using current technology, while masterfully keeping the story and all its intended heart intact. Eat that – Friends of Sam I am!  
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  1. I’m in awe of Dr Seuss’s genius and it’s wonderful that the digital elements, as outlined by Jo Booth in another astute and sensitive review, make for such a fun, educational experience for children, that adults will enjoy enormously too.