Green Screen MAJOR Update by Doink

mzl.bmskcdhq.175x175-75-150x150Green Screen by Doink, first reviewed by Teacher With Apps on January 31st, 2014 (read the review here) has now come out with an extensive update making an already great app, awesome! What is Green Screen? It is an amazingly creative app using green screen technology taking layers of visual content and combines them into one cohesive piece. One can save pictures, videos, and even animations with imported images from the Doink Animation and Drawing app. This app is pretty sophisticated and has won numerous awards since its release. One of the awards: Learning in the UK, 2014 App Award from iPad Educators,  was presented in iTunes as a Best App to Help Educators with Teaching. Read on about the Green Screen MAJOR Update by Doink. IMG_2102What makes this a major update is the ability to have high definition support and the ability to move, scale and rotate image sources (photos, videos and even live camera), so as to make videos of lasting quality. The new Transform Tool enables the resizing and cropping of images and videos, and the makes importing these visuals into your Doink animations a breeze. The best part of this update is that classes can now create and save multiple projects and that you can import and save projects in Dropbox and Google Drive. Green Screen makes learning fun by allowing one to become a part of the action. Having students place themselves in Madame Curie’s or Edison’s lab and “helping” with discoveries is an indirect challenge to find out more on the subject. Imagination and the arts…it’s the “A” in STEAM, and is what spurs kids to begin to think outside the box. Doink really has an inside track on helping kids to experiment and play with ideas so that they can come to life on the screen. IMG_2103Creating is pretty easy, and I have to say every kid I tried this with loves it as well as their parents. All you need is a colored background – green is popular, but you can basically use any color you like. I bought 2 yards of large felt, and now wish I would have gotten a little bit more. I used felt because it’s easy to store, inexpensive, and easily transitions from a vertical to a horizontal plane. Pictured is one of my favorite film stars. And as you can see we played with transparencies to give it a ghost-like effect. Projects like these inspire storytelling, creative writing, and more; because as we all know, lessons stick with kids that are up and moving and invested in a project’s outcome. With Green Screen, kids can fly through the universe, visit Dino’s during the Jurassic period, or stand atop their school or another landmark. The possibilities are endless. Use Green Screen as part of a project-based learning unit to place kids into an event, use as an after school special, or during a family fun night, or let the kids use Green Screen and their imaginations will soar. This one app packed with fun and learning! It is Highly Recommended, so check it out today! Doink has provided extensive tutorials to get you up and started at, plus they have a blog written by mostly teachers bank brimming full of materials and ideas Here are some tutorials are written by teachers for inspiration:
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