Hamaguchi continues to bring relevant apps to the iTunes store

Has Anyone said to you Read Between the Lines? If you know someone on the spectrum you know how he or she struggles with social cues, social boundaries, listening cues, body language and more this series of apps, by Hamaguchi, will address these issues. All of these apps are for the iPad and the iPad Mini Between the Lines Level 1     Between the Lines Level 2  

Between the Lines Advanced HD

  These apps provide a dynamic way to help learn and practice interpreting the messages that are “between the lines” and simply can’t be replicated with worksheets and static flashcards. Scenes for the body language activity include a shopping mall, kitchen, restaurant, park, bedroom, school, gym, birthday party and more. All three apps are present $12.99 but will be going up to $15.99 as of December 1st. You can purchase the lite versions for $.99 to see if the app meets the need of your child /student. The lite versions allow only one user, 12 tasks, and one reward. The app in the full version allows up to 75 users over 200 tasks and 3 rewards. This app is different from most Autism apps I have reviewed as it allows you to work with groups or an individual user. It covers the most significant aspects of the Autistic child needs to help with. First, it includes a listening component. The voices are different genders and ages. The statements can range with sounds of disappointment to sounds of happiness. The child listens to the statement and decides the correct response by looking at a picture. Within the options, the teacher can change the number of photographs from 2-4. If you want to add encouragement /praise you can add when you want the student to be praised. It can range from one answer to after 10 answers. Next, there is a “what is he/she thinking component. This helps students understand body language and perspective taking. Finally, the third section is “what does that mean?”. Personally, this is the one area I struggle with most with my students both my Autistic students and Developmentally Disabled students. The app has video clips of people using slang, expressions, and idioms. The student needs to figure out what the person is saying. An example “I totally bombed my science test”. Upon completion of the clip, the student is presented with two choices. For students who can not read the answers have an audio button. Of course, most important the teacher can collect the data after working with the group or the individual student enabling the teacher to track the students’ data and progress.
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