Here Is What Happens When Boys Write Essays In Classrooms

Here Is What Happens When Boys Write Essays In Classrooms Academic writing is an integral part of the educational process, but here comes one BIG problem: Some students hate writing papers. Especially, if these students are boys. According to the independent research data by Catherine G. Krupnick and Leili Hosseinia&Homayoun Khazalib, there are several critical differences between boys and girls in classrooms:
  1. Boys tend toward greater talkativeness, so they are better in speaking, aka oral discussions than writing.
  1. Girls' level of anxiety is higher, what makes them more studious pupils ready to do homework more precisely and responsibly.
  1. Boys are less assiduous by nature, what makes them less focused on one and the same task over and over again. That includes research and writing process, too.
Where does it lead? Boys hate writing essays so much that they are ready for everything to escape from writing. As the result, many assignment help resources appeared: WolframAlpha for examples, MC2 Homework for assistance, Khan Academy to replicate lessons, and others. What does make such services so popular? The fact is, they have a few benefits as viewed from students' eyes. First of all, these essays are well-structured and professionally written; what is more, it's often a college professor who writes them (the confession goes here). Secondly, custom essays can’t be detected by plagiarism checkers because, as a rule, they are written from scratch, not plagiarized. It's all well and good but: How to prevent students from paying for essays? How to encourage them to write? How to make them love writing? Let them write essays in classrooms!  Writing in classrooms might be beneficial for both students and teachers as it would solve several problems: image_2-11) It will lead to better learning Tutoring a process of essay writing, teachers can help with research and outline, advise some unique takes on topics, answer all questions, explain essay terms or writing styles specifics, etc. Hence, boys have a tutor nearby who will encourage their style of personal development: they will want to come up with new writing ideas, they will understand a subject better, and they will learn to see one problem from different angles. 2) It will lead to creative thinking Essay types are different, and it's clear that not all of them are possible to write in classrooms as they demand previous research, which is usually time-consuming and energy intense. But teachers can always practice free writing or expressive writing with their students to develop creativity. Such an activity is beneficial for motivation, as well. For instance, a teacher can ask boys to write down their thoughts on a particular problem or write about their wishes and goals. 3) It will lead to saving time One of the most common problems every student meets is a lack of time. An essay is not the only assignment they get from teachers, which makes them consider writing difficult, time- and energy-consuming, and, as a result, think of writing being a monster eating time, inspiration, life, and so on. Writing essays in classrooms can save time for other tasks, prevent procrastination, and learn to meet deadlines, which is a significant skill to have, too.  4) It will lead to alternatives To encourage students and prevent them from asking someone to write an essay, teachers have an opportunity to tell about dozens of free and safe alternatives to custom writing services. Educators have a chance to control the writing process when in classrooms. Plus, they can provide students with helpful resources:
  • to tell about the benefits of social media networks for writing (following thematic groups and pages, asking professionals, finding citation sources, joining forums and communities to research, discuss, and ask for essay topics, opposite views, etc.).
  • to give links to online libraries of many universities, which are open and can be used for research.
  • to share some thematic communities where writing professionals can help students with proofreading and editing for free.
image_1-15) It will lead to engagement Teachers want students to enjoy the process of writing, so they are ready to try different techniques and approaches for making the education system better. With Internet and technologies being an addiction of all boys today, educators might try turning this addiction into a productive activity and make boys love writing. When in classrooms, students could use their favorite gadgets, apps, and software to write essays, which would lead to better engagement and interest in writing tasks. One of the decisions could be blogging:
  • boys enjoy technologies;
  • boys enjoy digital platforms;
  • boys enjoy computers, and they are always happy to develop new skills such as basic HTML, for example.
So, teachers can recommend several writing tools or digital platforms (Medium, Tumblr, Weebly, Ghost, or others) to get their students interested in writing. Do you write essays with your students in classrooms? Did you notice the difference between boys and girls in education? How do you get your male students interested in academic writing? AIbEiAIAAABECPXL4tmJnOe41gEiC3ZjYXJkX3Bob3RvKihiN2JlNDU5NDJkMmQ2NzM0NTg4YzkxMmUyYTMwOGUzM2RhOTZjMmVmMAEYjkjbqF-1LqBv0XX55aXAy2CwBAAbout the author: Hugh Beaulac is a Georgia Institute of Technology graduate and guy behind the MC2 blog. He specializes in writing about education technology, loves cats and everything related to college survival. Feel free to drop Hugh a line at Google+.
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