Happy Snap

Hscreen696x696appy Snap is an augmented reality find-and-seek adventure game for children of all ages and abilities created by Girl Apps. It’s an adorable, intuitive, and groundbreaking app designed to help children explore and discover the world around them. With bright colors, friendly voiceover and a game-like approach to searching for objects in the real world, Happy Snap inspires children to get active and have fun while learning about everyday objects around them. The Happy Snap synopsis is based on a fictional digital camera, “Snap”, who is not feeling very happy that day and needs the child’s help finding five items to cheer him up. First, the user is prompted to choose an “indoor” or “outdoor” setting, then the five challenges are presented one-by-one, and the child begins searching for the given item to snap a photo of. Challenges include “find something green”, “find a ball”, or “find a tree”. Bright colors, inviting animations, and friendly voiceovers guide the child as they search for items and gain stars. The app is built with an intuitive interface that even young children can understand and master. It’s seamless technology integration using modern A.I and machine learning technologies allows Happy Snap to verify the objects in the photos a child takes. Happy Snap is an exciting new way for children to interact with the world around them. Available now on the iTunes and Google Play stores. For more information, visit Happy Snap  
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