Harry and the Haunted House – Wanderful interactive storybook in English and Spanish

admin-aja175mzl.xturxzqd.175x175-75Harry and the Haunted House – Wanderful interactive storybook in English and Spanish is just the kind of tale that parents and teachers love to share. Imaginative and adorable, this app should be on everybody's reading list. Carissa Kluver from The Digital Media Diet review site wrote, Harry and the Haunted House is particularly enchanting, taking young readers through an engaging plot perfectly adapted to be a little scary but mostly fun. The digital graphics may feel 'retro' but so does the emphasis on quality storytelling. So download a copy today, for the joy of a child and the chance to see the history of today's "new media".


• Story is in both English and Spanish - change language from any page • 12 fully animated pages • French story content unlocks with upgrade • Virtually every item on each page comes to life when tapped • All words are “active” for extended word play and language learning • Animated surprises on each page – can you find all the performing bugs? • Move between pages with swipe or with scrolling page navigation • Multiple settings to customize the App for your child’s reading experience • Two modes: “Read to Me” and the fully interactive “Let Me Play” • Parental tips to help you get the most out of this Wanderful interactive storybook • Teacher resources include a 31-page overview of Wanderful interactive storybooks Classroom Activities and a free preview of the Harry and the Haunted House Classroom Activities guide • The full 58-page Classroom Activities guide is available as an upgrade harry_haunted_house   Harry and the Haunted House is a slightly "spooky" tale of how our imagination can make things seem scarier than they really are.  
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2 Responses

  1. Andrew Faukner

    It worries me about the quality of this app if they can’t even spell “wonderful” correctly in the title.

    • Teachers With Apps

      Wanderful is the name of the developer. It’s a play on words. – TWA