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Updated Aug 17 - Spreading The Word

It's amazing how far and wide the story of edshelf has gotten. Here are a bunch of articles and blog posts I've found so far.

I can't even begin to express how gracious and humbled I am from all of this support. And this doesn't include the hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of #saveedshelf tweets. If you've seen any other articles or blog posts out there, please let me know.

imgresThere is only a week left for this campaign and we are sooo close. Please continue sharing and spreading the word. Just a little bit more is needed. Visit KICKSTARTER HERE and support this edtech resource!

Thank you so much, everyone!

My Development Priorities

Just to keep you all in the loop, here is what I will be working on if this campaign is successful, sorted by priority order:

  • Migrate to the new web host for improved performance.
  • Stabilize the site. You may have noticed some site outages. I will be hiring a really sharp developer to help me optimize the code and protect it from traffic spikes and other anomalies.
  • Add vendor accounts, so edtech companies can manage their product listings themselves. There will also be premium accounts that include sponsored listings in the newsletter and search results, listing analytics and premium features, etc. These are revenue-generating features. I will be hiring a contract designer and developer to help me with all of this.
  • Improve current features. While edshelf has a respectable number of tools, there are still much more to be added and updated. I'll improve the Add Tool flow, as well as Search, Member Profiles, and the Create Collection flow. Also, I'll rename Collections as "Shelves," since that's what everyone calls them 🙂

If the campaign raises more than its target, there are a number of stretch goals I have as well. Some of these may change a bit based on the input of edshelf's members and the education community in general. If there are particular features you would really like to see, let me know and I can shift them around.

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