Help Time Traveler Tours to win the People Choice Award

unnamedPlease cast your vote for Time Traveler Tours to win the People Choice Award, if you haven't already. And if you have, please share this request with a friend. Click the video below to view my pitch.   Click here to cast your vote for Time Traveler Tours. Just locate our logo and click the "vote" button. Note: you'll be asked for your email, but not to spam you, only to ensure that you vote only once. For those who don't already know it, here's the backstory... On 1 March, Time Traveler Tours was one of 42 UK-based human technology startups to be chosen by HRH The Duke of York to participate in the prestigious and auspicious bi-annual pitch@palace challenge. Now, after a month of mentoring and BootCamping, we have a chance to collectively shout our message to the world that, indeed, #HistoryMatters. unnamed-1But being heard in this noisy, crazy world, can feel a lot like the citizens of Whoville getting through to Horton. HRH is our Horton. Now, we need to shout loudly and in collective chorus to be heard by the world beyond. So... After you've cast your vote, please ask at least one friend to vote TTT as well. Not only will this give us a bigger, louder boost as we head to St. James Palace on Tuesday night, but it will introduce our movement and mission to a potential new TTT supporters as well. Remember, a vote for TTT is a vote for Cultural Literacy. Because a past forgotten is too easily repeated, let's work together to #TurnHistoryOn. Because #HistoryMatters. With gratitude and excitement, Sarah and Team TTT&T
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