Hop Star : Fun Visual Math Learning Game for Grade 1 to 5 Kids By Skidos Learning

Hop Star: Fun Visual Math Learning Game

icon_1469789145Hop Star: Fun Visual Math Learning Game for Grade 1 to 5 Kids by Skidos Learning is designed primarily as a fun mobile game and then integrated with challenging visual and mental math problems, in my case, it was the exact opposite. The game centers on solving a series of problems or sequencing priorities for logical mathematical thinking. Once a series is solved, kids get the pleasure of playing a classic "Frogger type" game getting an animal across many streams. You have to admire the design - as the reinforcer is continuously teaching math concepts of space and force. Graphics are stellar and take you on a trip in the way-back machine. However, for the life of me, I couldn't get that little guy over the water without a splash or a bang! Therefore, I can tell you that there is an abundance of differing math questions to keep one busy for basically forever.... And I do now understand the concept of leveling up. I may have had a challenging time with this math gameplay, but I know that most modern kids love this type of gameplay and thrive on it. This game is ADDICTIVE! The kids we worked with had no problem in catching on quickly and seriously liked the game and the play!

Hop Star opens by offering the option to pick a grade between first through fifth, and a specific skill. This could be a simple addition exercise and spans the curriculum all the way up to working with long division and decimals. The app tracks your progress and reports can be generated. Parents have the option to have reports emailed to themselves or can just quickly view a weekly, monthly, or quarterly summary screen stating the number of questions answered and the percentage correct. This feature can be easily located and is a great way for parents or the child to monitor their progress. There is the option to add additional players in the settings.

Every level begins with Game Based Questions which are all addition word problems, this could be a challenge for the reluctant reader.


KID-FRIENDLY FEATURES INCLUDE: - Intuitive and safe design, with no advertising or IAP - Language-neutral interface with minimal need for verbal instructions - Goals, coins, and characters reward success and reinforce practice - 18 fun characters to unlock just by playing

Topics Covered Include: 1. Numbers & Counting up to 1000 2. Addition of two numbers up to 1000 3. Subtraction of numbers up to 1000 4. Comparing numbers up to 1000 5. Addition of 3 or 4 numbers up to 100 6. Adding and subtracting tens and hundreds 7. Multiplication of numbers up to 100 8. Identifying factors 9. Identifying prime or composite numbers 10. Place value and rounding 11. Fractions 12. Decimals 13. Exponents 14. Divisors & quotients 15. Mixed operations 16. Game based Visual Mathematics

Wish List:

  • Option for Game Based Questions to be read aloud
  • Specific Hints on each problem
  • Ability to exit a specific problem
  • The ability to grade the difficulty of the reinforcement game
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