Jumping Pages Releases House Band Interactive Music App for iPad

  url-1 House Band, by Jumping Pages, is a new music app that really rocks! Watch out Garage Band, this app is way cool and by far has the most unique instruments ever making a debut here in the app store. The characters from The House that Went on Strike have formed a band made up of the appliances that reside in this house. With sounds created by two-time Grammy winner Vernon Reid, you’ll be able to make irons, washers, dryers, toasters, teapots and blenders come to life using 20 original sound loops and sound stories. You are also able to record your creation, your own voice and share your musical creation with friends and family via email. I may be tone deaf, but this app is music to my ears. What a great way to get kids singing and dancing the day away. We have been corresponding with Rania Ajami, Founder of Jumping Pages and he says,  “Creating ‘House Band’ was a true joy, and we are thrilled to be able to delight the next generation of musicians and help kids create cool sounds and melodies.” TWA thinks this is a great way to get those creative juices flowing and equate this to the 21st-century version of kids playing with pots and pans. url-3 “Every mother recognizes that kids love musical sounds, so the app provides a way for children to engage with those sounds, and while doing so, create their own music to share. Further, while developing their own tunes, children can interact with the wonderfully charming characters from “The House that Went on Strike”.  It’s a way for kids to be the maestro to the "House" orchestra!”  imgres-1  
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