How Technology Gives Teachers The Power Of Parent Notification

logo-small How Technology Gives Teachers The Power Of Parent Notifications Right From Their Smartphone For a long time, teachers have had trouble communicating with parents. Too often, busy parents would miss calls or messages, or even misplace important paper mail and fail to arrive for PTA meetings, give approval for field trips, or schedule times to discuss the performance of their children in school. However, the internet has changed everything – including how teachers can communicate with parents, and how school notification systems operate. No longer do teachers have to rely on unreliable landlines, mass emails, or even snail-mail to send their messages. Today, parent notifications are easier than ever before. Teachers have the perfect tool they need to communicate with parents and send them important notifications – which can fit in the palm of their hand. We’re talking, of course, about smartphones. Smartphones are an incredible technology for teachers. All of the communication abilities of a desktop computer in an easy-to-access, easy-to-use package – the importance of this should not be underestimated. Here are just a few of the ways technology has given teachers the power to notify parents right from their smartphones, allowing educators to use modern apps and innovations to create a great learning environment. 00c81f7 Classroom Apps Allow Direct Communication With Parents Sometimes direct, two-way communication between teachers and parents is required for quick, efficient parent notifications. Whether it’s to have a quick discussion about a student’s performance (or misbehavior!) or to connect about getting parental permission for a field trip, communication with parents is crucial. Classroom apps like ClassDojo and Google Classroom have robust communication features that allow teachers to communicate directly with parents – without exchanging personal phone numbers. This may seem insignificant, but it’s hugely important. It can be awkward calling someone on their personal cell phone, and you may not want a difficult parent to have your phone number due to personal reasons. These classroom management apps also integrate features that track student attendance, grades, and other important information, allowing teachers and parents to be on the same page when they communicate about both student successes and potential issues. school-notify125x125 teaching preschoolersSchool-Wide Communication Apps Like DialMyCalls Allow Mass Notifications And Alerts If you’re a principal, teacher, or any other kind of educator, you know there are times when you have to notify the entire school about a certain event. Whether it’s an upcoming all-parent PTA conference, a school closure due to snow or adverse weather conditions, or a message reminding parents that fees for extracurriculars and sports are due. Sometimes there’s no substitute for school-wide communication. This sort of communication used to take the form of simple emails, or even phone calls to each and every parent, which could be time-consuming and ineffective. And in the cases of snow days, students and parents were often expected to watch news networks to learn about school closures. But DialMyCalls has changed the way schools communicate – for good! If you need a solution to notify parents about school closures, events being rescheduled, or other important information, DialMyCalls is a technologically innovative, sophisticated option. DialMyCalls can be used from a web-based interface, or directly from your smartphone, and allows for custom-recorded voice messages to be deployed to select groups of users. Our software can also be configured to send e-mail alerts and SMS notifications alongside these voice messages. For example, you could send information about a baseball game to parents of children on the baseball team, or alert parents of students who are in the music program about an important recital. However, DialMyCalls also allows for easy deployment of messages to your entire user base – you can send information about snow day closures and other important events to every single person with a child in your school. And by following these notifications up with an SMS message and an email, you can be certain that your most important information has been received by the relevant parties. DialMyCalls is extremely sophisticated, yet convenient and easy to use, making it the best school-wide communication app for teachers who need to message multiple people at once. And best of all, it can be used directly from your smartphone. Baby Banner 300 x 250Try DialMyCalls – Change How You Communicate DialMyCalls is the best solution for any educator seeking a convenient, inexpensive method of communicating with parents of their students. Over 80,000 organizations already rely on our services – including schools, churches, emergency services, small businesses, and non-profits. Visit our website for a free trial of our software today, and you’ll understand why we’re the best in the business, and why our customers trust us with their most important voice communication needs.
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