How To Train Your Dragon – Kids Book HD

  How To Train Your Dragon - Kids Book HD, by zuuka incorporated, is an incredible rendition of the Dreamworks movie originally released in 2010. We were looking to review a book for older kids and possibly those that struggle with reading and need a good hook. We found it with, How to Train Your Dragon. This app may not contain interactivity, but it's so well done, that it doesn’t even matter. The 3D illustrations are remarkable and the story is able to stand-alone and keep the reader totally engaged. The main character, Hiccup, is the brave and caring hero who saves the day with his gentle kindness, teen smarts, and fearless attitude. The storyline, if you haven’t seen the movie, is about a small boy, good triumphs over evil and a happy ending. It is good clean fun and with no blood or gore, just lots of fire and smoke. iStorytime has done a great job creating a storybook app from the How To Train Your Dragon movie.
  • Includes real images from the motion picture “How To Train Your Dragon”
  • Includes character audio from the movie “How To Train Your Dragon”
  • Offers Automatic Navigation and Narration options for ease of use
  • Offers Highlighted Text with on or off settings
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