How to Write an Essay – App to the Rescue!

NEWteacherwithappsHow to Write an Essay, by Classroom Complete Press, is a great teacher resource that provides lessons along with ample practice activities. This NEW app can be tried out for free, see what it contains, and if it looks like an advantageous tool for your students, you can purchase the full version for only $1.99. This would have been a very handy app for me last year as a fifth grade inclusion teacher. It is a now being utilized as review/reinforcement with middle school students in the resource room. This app is hefty, at times almost too many words on a page, but then along comes a visual that emphasizes the writing process with perfect acuity. That visual builds sequentially in the most concise manner that children are less intimidated and their writing soars. Graphic organizers break down the task into manageable steps and help keep students focused. This app provides many variations so that students have lots of options to find the right way for them to organize their thoughts. How to Write an Essay has many components that work well for a BOP (beginning of period) warm up or a refresher which can be shared on a Smart Board or some other projection device. It could also be very helpful to children in the way of homework help, if it was on their own mobile device. This is one app that will help promote deeper learning and children's writing, which at this point in time is at an all time low. I am really excited to start using this much needed teacher tool in my classroom, as well as for tutoring.
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