Hungry Caterpillar For Schools (Teachers Edition)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is one of the most beloved stories for preschoolers and is savored as a favored unit within every preschool curriculum. StoryToys Entertainment Limited has retained the magic of the book by empowering children to seek out and explore early learning concepts in their app: Hungry Caterpillar For Schools (Teachers Edition) Especially designed for educational and therapeutic settings, the app currently coincides with international early learning standards for preschoolers and is based on Head Start’s Early Learning Outcomes Framework. What makes Hungry Caterpillar for Schools so outstanding is that the content is continually evolving to stay on top of current evidenced based practices in learning. It is available as a one-time purchase and will include all future updates.
There are 5 components to explore each with corresponding songs and activities. By mixing songs, movement and activities, children are continually receiving a variety of sensory input to attend and assimilate the material. Play is not static, and activities can easily be adapted to play-based learning within the classroom. One of the things I had not recognized when previewing the app before playing with kids is that the audio was designed to help kids remain calm and focused. Although the music is looped, it does not seem repetitive. Children responded by readily settling and completing the activity. We all know that the repetition of skills is the cornerstone to mastery. StoryToys has set the standard for facilitating generalization of learned skills by slightly changing the activity’s environment on repeat play into the algorithm of the app. This not only keeps arousal or a child’s attention high, but also helps to build the child’s ability to apply knowledge in novel situations. Play is open-ended, meaning there is not a hierarchal structure to progress. Students are free to explore any of the areas in any order. Often children will have a favorite activity and will play these activities before moving onto something else – Just trust in the natural curiosity of kids – The repetition is merely a sensory anchor to launch into new areas of discovery. Kids that do indeed get “stuck” may need help assimilating or practicing the material before feeling comfortable or secure in moving on. The many activities in each area of learning helps keep the material fluid, fresh, and inviting.  If a wrong answer is played, the app waits patiently for correction. The subtle message to persist is present by being non-judgmental.

All learning sections are animated using all the characters from the world of Eric Carle. On opening, Select 1 of 5 areas: SHAPES AND COLORS: Colors, Shapes and Puzzles (Spatial Relationships) ABC: Letter Recognition (both upper and lowercase), Early Tracing, and Name Recognition Activities 123: Early Math and Pattern Recognition activities to help kids with defining space and early math concepts LEARN TO READ AND LEARN ABOUT THE WORLD BOOKS ART: The Creativity and Art Center allows kids to create their own masterpieces – just like Eric Carle! A SECRET CENTER lies in the midst of every selection page. And that is the magnificent array of balls that appear on the screen! They can be counted, sorted, and thrown to one's own heart's delight. I love how kids can be drawn into not only the sheer beauty of color but also learn about the natural world by directly applying concepts from science and math.
Hungry Caterpillar For Schools is an incredible value for educators in their buy once program. The pricing is set for schools to use and take advantage of the ever-evolving current best practices for teaching early learners. It is appropriate and safe to use in any setting as there are no external links, ads, or IAPs. Using familiar characters from the world of Eric Carle helps put kids at ease and keeps the focus on the activity which gives kids a leg up on skill acquisition. Kids explore centers that are within their comfort zone and at their own pace. StoryToys is and has been invested in the education of children and their welfare.  
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