i Create… Social Skills Stories

  Social skills need to be taught in classrooms; with the rise of conditions like autism or the frequency of bullying, it is necessary for children to really learn how to interact in social situations.  From iGet It, LLC comes i Create... Social Skills Stories, a new app designed to help you create social skills stories that you can use in the classroom or at home. Social skills stories use a combination of audio, visual, and text information to describe an event or skill.  The story might include examples of appropriate social interaction, such as lines to say, or how to give eye contact or pick up on social cues.  These real-life events come more naturally to some kids, while others might struggle to make sense of the situation. As social skills stories are not one-size-fits-all, the app simply gives you a template and the tools, so you can create and edit the stories for their best application.  You create pages in a book, and on each page, you can add pictures and text.  Social Skills Stories is simple and quick, so you can even likely add or edit a story on the fly. The app also includes a great checkmark feature, so you can tap the checkmark once a page is understood or completed.  The check is a great motivator for kids and an effective reinforcer. Social Skills Stories also lets you see the entire grid of pages in the book, and it can be used to recall steps or to show students what is expected of them for the task or event.  It can also show the flow of events, so students can get an idea of the order in which each page takes place. Social Skills Stories falls in the same realm as Tapikeo, and you can really make the app all you want it to be.  The app also includes a lock feature to prevent any unwanted edits or changes.  Social Skills Stories has a multi-user function, so you can input information for multiple individuals and save stories based on that individual’s needs.  The app allows you to create virtually endless amounts of stories. Although originally developed for children on the autism spectrum, social stories are used for kids with ADHD, developmental delays, Down syndrome, and also with their neurotypical peers.  Breaking down a task into steps or explaining different responses to a social situation is something that many children, with special needs or not, can benefit from. Find Social Skills Stories in the App store for $4.99.  The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad.  
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